​​​​Our Story

I’ll never forget my mother’s last wish.

Facing the final days of what was a beautiful life, my mother’s hospice room was packed with photos, pillows, and other trinkets that reminded her of home. But something was missing.

10 years prior, we adopted a sweet, bundle of joy Maltipoo named Baby Rose. In the beginning, my mother and I shared custody of her while I lived in the college dorms. But once I moved out, Baby moved in with me permanently.

Because of this, I was a little shocked to discover my mother’s last wish was to have Baby there by her side in her final moments. The family wasn’t complete without her.

Sadly, Baby developed seizures a few years later. After helping my mother and I ease so much pain, I was crushed to see her suffer. So I swore to myself I’d find a solution.

After months of research, and a small fortune on vet bills, we discovered food allergies are a common source of seizures in pets. And sure enough, as soon as we got her on an all natural diet, the seizures disappeared. In fact, Baby Rose now has more energy than ever despite being 70 in dog years!

And so SimpleWag was born. With tens of million of pet owners nationwide, it broke my heart to think even a fraction were dealing with the pain and suffering our Baby Rose went through.

Today, SimpleWag has one simple mission: help pet owners ensure their pets live the healthiest lives possible. Why?

Because pets are family, and family comes first.

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