Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Review

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / August 28, 2019

Quick Overview






  • Sturdy
  • Sharp and safe blade
  • Powerful motor
  • Heavy-duty cord


  • Poor customer service
  • Heats too quickly

Whether you have a cat or a dog you can be sure that you have loads of unconditional love in store for you and frankly chances are you can never return them the same amount. It is still important that you try and show them that you care and love them at any given moment.

Apart from separating time to play, cuddle, and feed them, you should think about taking the grooming duty onto yourself. Yes, we know that until now your way to go option was a professional groomer. But given the fact that there are many pet grooming kits on the market, why wouldn’t you give this option a go?

In fact, by investing in a professional hair clipper, you might as well be off to a great start to your own grooming salon. The Andis ProClip 2-Speed Blade Clipper is a perfect choice, and while it is a high-end product that is not affordable for a regular Joe, it is a worthy investment that will last you years.

Andis ProClip 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper Review

One would ask why would they get a single clipper with lubricant oil, when for a third of this price they could be looking at a full set with guiding combs and brushes. Well, the answer is quite simple: It features a heavy-duty design and incredible performance that is up to par with the latest and most innovative hair clippers.

Who is these clippers for?

This particular product is adequate for anyone who is on a more flexible budget and has the money to invest in a high-end clipper that will last them for a long time. If you are thinking about buying a professional home groomer kit, then this clipper kit is a perfect choice.

What’s included?

Apart from the high-quality hair clipper, you are getting a bottle of lubricating cream that will ensure the product is always running at its optimum performance.

Overview of features

There are so many innovative features about this product that we don’t even know where to start. Is it the shatter-proof housing or the detachable blade design that makes it a product worth your money? It features a sharp and safe cutting blade that is going to get rid of any matted hair and ensure precise clipping.

When it comes to the performance, it is highlighted by a 120-volt rotatory motor that can be set to two different speeds. This is especially important if you are a professional and you want to get the best results.

It is adequate for both cats and dogs, and you don’t have to worry about long or short coats as this product has it all covered. It is quiet, runs on 120 volts which is incredible for a hair clipper of this size and features a heavy-duty 14-inch cord to support prolonged performance.

The best thing about it? There is a locking mechanism that will ensure it is on once you turn it on and doesn’t cut power randomly like some of its competitors are known to do.

This product is sturdy, reliable, and while it is not cordless, it is easy to use, which justifies the somewhat higher price. Suitable for thick hair, short and long coats, it is a clipper that won’t disappoint you, and while it does have a slight problem with overheating, it is still a product that holds great value.

How to use these clippers

It is not a cordless clipper so there will be no need to charge it. Set it to one of the two preferable sizes and enjoy the perfect performance of the featured rotatory motor and sharp detachable blade.


Wahl Groom Pro Pet Clipper Kit

One of the best alternatives to the reviewed product and at a much lower price is this great grooming kit that can be used both at home and by a professional in a grooming studio. Apart from a powerful and low-noise clipper, you are getting a set of guided combs, a nail clipper, and a bristle brush. Overall a great set for an affordable price.


When you want to clip your pet's fur, you want a product that offers versatility, quiet functioning, and effective results. Many animals are spooked by clippers, so if they do not work properly, you may end up with a stressed pet that is panicked and scared, trying to get away from you.

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