A Pet Parent’s Guide to Anti Yeast Dog Food

By Clearvoice / September 24, 2018
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 Anti Yeast Dog Food… What is it? Should I be feeding my dog anti yeast dog food? 

There is a popular school of thought doing the rounds at present. This notion implicates carbohydrate-rich dog foods in yeast infections. 

Is it true that grain-rich and carbohydrate-rich foods lead to a greater chance of chronic yeast infections in dogs? What do you feed your beloved pup if this is the case? Read on for the answers to all these questions and more.

Dog Food For Yeast Problems: What Is Anti Yeast Dog Food?

Yeast infections are quite common amongst dogs, cats, and humans. The yeast, Malassezia pachydermatis, is naturally found on your dog’s skin. Small concentrations of this yeast are harmless. 

However, when conditions are favorable, the colony grows too quickly and reaches a concentration that can lead to inflammation of the skin.

The Best Supplements to Add to Your Dog’s New Anti Fungal Diet!

The absorptive surface area of a large dog’s small intestine is approximately 250 square meters. That is the size of a tennis court!! Also, it is estimated that almost 80 % of your pet’s immune system resides within the gastrointestinal tract.

This truly gives meaning to the adage ‘you are what you eat’. Ensuring that your four-legged friend eats a diet that supports a healthy gut will lead to all-over good health.

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Vets Preferred Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil and Advanced Turmeric

You can’t go wrong supplementing your dog’s diet with a good quality salmon oil! Not only does salmon oil give your dog a smooth, healthy and shiny skin and coat. It also supports various other organs and systems. Salmon oil is great for immune support, heart health, and cognitive function. The Vets Preferred Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for dogs is a super choice!

All New! Premium Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil for Dogs - Creates Healthy Dog Coat, Boosts Immune System & Heart Health - Veterinarian-Grade All Natural Dog Salmon Oil Rich in EPA & DHA (15.5 oz)
Derived from natural Salmon, This product contains Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. This is rich in EPA, DPA and DHA which helps boost immune system, gives smooth and shiny skin and coat, and boost heart health. Below are great nutritional effects of Vets Preferred Salmon Oil for dogs:

How will this help your pet?

Boosts the immune system
Soothes temporary skin irritations
Softer, Shinier, and Smoother Coat
Helps Dry and Flakey Skin
Helps Shedding
Helps Allergies
Helps Joint Problems and Arthritis
Helps Pain and Inflammation

EASY TO USE! No more prying open your pet’s mouth and trying to get them to swallow pills. Our no mess pump makes it easy for you to add our tasty oil directly onto their food.

100% MONEYBACK GUARANTEE Vets Preferred understands how much you care about your pet's health, that's why our Advanced Salmon Oil food supplement are made with safe organic ingredients recommended by veterinarians. This made and produced in the USA in a lab-quality facility with GMP (Good Manufacturing Process) Seal. What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

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Turmeric is one of the best natural anti-inflammatory agents available! The active compound in turmeric, curcumin, or” cure-cumin”, has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anticancer and wound healing properties.

Curcumin also acts against viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens. The Vets Preferred Turmeric for Dogs has the added benefit of coconut oil in the supplement. So, while the coconut oil improves skin health and promotes healthy digestion, the curcumin will regulate inflammation and curb the activity of harmful bacteria, viruses, and fungi.

Vets Preferred Premium Turmeric Curcumin For Dogs | Joint Pain Relief Supplement With Coconut Oil | Promotes Hip and Joint Health, Arthritis Support & Healthy Digestion | Chicken-Flavored Chewables
PREMIUM QUALITY - veterinarian-grade turmeric supplement for dogs to help with hip & joint mobility, muscle pain and inflammation.
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Honest Paws CBD Oil, CBD Dog Treats

Honest Paws has a range of dog food supplements and dog treats that contain cannabidiol (CBD) oil. This 100 % pure, full spectrum oil is extracted from hemp plants that are grown on sunny Colorado hemp farmsHonest Paws CBD oil for dogs is great for skin and allergy issues, as well as the reduction of pain and inflammation. 

Coconut oil has been shown to be an effective treatment against inflammation and allergies, as well as for the improvement of skin and coat conditionTry the Honest Paws CBD-Infused Coconut Oil to treat skin allergies, improve the immune system, and aid in digestive matters.

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Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treats
Honest Paws Pain Relief CBD Dog Treats are perfect for dogs dealing with pain and discomfort. Made with 100% Pure CBD Oil & Fresh Turmeric, Honest Paws treats contain only the best, all-natural ingredients.
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Honest Paws Restore CBD Dog Treats
Honest Paws Restore CBD Dog Treats rich in Omega 6 and fatty acids are perfect for your irritated dog's dry, itchy skin. Made with100% Pure Hemp Oil & Luscious Coconut Oil, our treats contain only the best, all-natural ingredients. Get that professionally-groomed look without the Hollywood price tag and show off your dog's vibrant, fluffy coat by always having a bag of these delicious treats handy!
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The range of CBD Dog Treats from Honest Paws is another great way of adding nutritional value to your dog’s diet. Irritated, dry, flaky, and itchy skin is a hotbed for yeast infections in dogs. 

Keep your pup in ship-shape shine and yeast infection free with these delicious THC-free, 100 % pure, CBD-oil-enriched dog treats. The Honest Paws Restore CBD Dog Treats are enriched with omega-6 fatty acids and coconut oil. All super ingredients for a healthy, shiny coat and an itch-free, moisturized skin!

The Best Grain Free Dog Food

So what are the best affordable brands?

Hills Science Diet Adult Sensitive Stomach and Skin Dog Food is a nutritionally balanced dry dog food. It is made with good quality ingredients that are easy to digest. Ingredients for a healthy skin and shiny coat include omega-6 fatty acids. Antioxidants such as vitamin C and vitamin E aid in support of your dog’s immune system. 

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Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula is a protein-rich dog food made with real chicken, garden vegetables and fruit. Your dog’s coat will stay shiny and healthy with the added omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

Taste of the Wild High Prairie Natural Dog Food is a grain-free, high protein food that is made from real roasted bison meat. This dry dog food is highly digestible and contains plenty of healthful nutrients as well as species-specific probiotics.

The Importance of Anti Yeast Dog Food for A Dog with a Yeast Allergy

As mentioned previously, yeast is naturally present on and inside your dog’s body. At low concentrations, the yeast is harmless. It is when the concentration of yeast becomes too high that problems start to occur.

Symptoms of a yeast colony getting out of control are itchiness, redness or swelling, crusted skin, hair loss, and/or dry skin. Yeast cells need glucose to grow and multiply. Glucose is a metabolic product of the breakdown of carbohydrates.

If the amount of glucose remains low, you can curb the growth of yeast cells. And therewith reduce the risk of a yeast infection. Anti-yeast dog food is said to lower the amount of glucose available to the yeast cells. Thus, limiting their growth and multiplication.

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How Yeast Free Dog Food Can Help Your Dog

Yeast overgrowth usually occurs in dogs who have a weak or compromised immune system. Dogs can be immuno-compromised:

  • Due to an allergy to grass, wheat, cigarette smoke or pollen. 
  • After having been on a long course of antibiotics as treatment of another chronic illness
  • After an operation or surgery.

Yeast free dog foods are usually made from healthier, unprocessed foods. They generally contain lean proteins and probiotics. They are also typically low in carbohydrates, especially grains. All these factors make a food like this a healthier choice for your canine companion.

Low Carb Dog Food Vs Starch Free Dog Food: What’s the Difference?

For our intents and purposes, there is very little difference. Starch is a carbohydrate. A starch free food should therefore also be a low carb food.

A starch free food could, however, contain other carbohydrates, like sugar. It would then not be a low carb food. This shows the importance of reading and understanding the labels of the foods that we buy for, and feed to, our pets.

Best Dog Food for Dogs with Yeast Infections!

A yeast infection in dogs is usually secondary to a weakened immune system or other infectionsA pet food that supports and strengthens the immune system would be a great choice for a dog that regularly suffers from yeast overgrowth 

You want to look for a food that is hypoallergenic (i.e. contains few or no ingredients that could elicit an immune response)Ingredients such as salmon oil, or fish oil, coconut oil or turmeric are great additives for good health. A food that is rich in protein rather than in carbohydrates is usually healthier for dogs.

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Dry, Wet and Raw: Dog Food Without Yeast

Things to look for in anti-yeast dog food include:

  • Whole, unprocessed foods
  • Fresh meats and vegetables
  • Low concentration of carbohydrates in any form
  • Probiotics and prebiotics

What the Top Yeast Free Dog Food Brands Have in Common

These top yeast-free dog foods typically have a few things in common, such as:

  • They are grain-free, usually reducing the number of carbohydrates in the food.
  • They are suitable for dogs of all types and ages.
  • These foods are hypo-allergenic, thus being suitable for pets with a variety of food allergies.
  • Yeast-free dog foods typically contain antioxidants and fatty acids to support a healthy immune system.
  • They also often have probiotics and beneficial digestive enzymes added to maintain a healthy digestive tract.
  • They are anti-fungal and anti-bacterial.

Raw Food for Dogs

Many people believe that grain-free dog food will solve all their yeast problems. Sadly, this is not the case. If you are feeding your dog a dry food that is grain free, it is still not carbohydrate free.

It is the starch in these kibbles that holds everything together. So, while a dry food might contain little to no grain, it will contain some other form of starch, e.g potatoes, sweet potatoes, beet, peas, beans

If your dog has a grain allergy, changing over to a grain-free pet food kibble might show remarkable improvementFor a truly low-carb diet, look to a raw option. Some raw foods come as freeze-dried options. Other raw food (usually a combination of minced meat and vegetables) is truly raw and is kept in portions in the freezer

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4 Natural Home Remedies to Keep the Yeast at Bay!

1. One of the best ways to treat a topical dog yeast infection is with apple cider vinegar (ACV). Make up a 1:1 mixture of ACV and warm olive oil. Soak a cotton swab in this mixture and apply to the infected area/s.

2. Oregano is a very powerful anti-fungal agent. Add 2 drops of oregano extract on your dog’s food each night to help fight off the yeast infection from within.

3. Grapefruit seed extract is also a fantastic fungicide. Add 4 drops twice a day to your dog’s food. You can alternate between the oregano extract and the grapefruit seed extract every two weeks.

4. A super, natural probiotic is kefir. Add some of this to your dog’s meal every day to boost the beneficial bacteria in their gastrointestinal tract. A natural yogurt can also serve as a good source of probiotics.

Best Dog Food For Ear Infections

Yeast infections in your dog’s ears can be a source of great pain and discomfort. It would make us all happier to avoid these infections from taking hold in the first place. A well-balanced, anti-yeast diet can certainly assist in limiting these yeast infections. 

  • Raw and fresh foods are best.
  • Foods that contain natural anti-fungal and anti-bacterial agents.
  • Foods that are hypoallergenic will reduce the allergic reactions and the subsequent infections that take hold.

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