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Chelsea Rivera is a Dedicated Pet Parent who loves to create amazing content for pet owners and is helping change pet wellness as the Head of Content for Honestpaws.com.


Separation Anxiety in Dogs: A Holistic Approach

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 18, 2017

What is Separation Anxiety? You know the feeling… Sweaty palms, increased heart rate, dry mouth. These are all symptoms of the incredibly common feeling that plagues over 40 million Americans a year known as anxiety. Just as humans experience a wide range of emotions, so do our dogs and unfortunately, that includes anxiety. While dogs […]


CBD Dog Treats: The 2019 Definitive Guide

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / February 17, 2017

“Too Long – Didn’t Read” Version: We recommend HonestPaws. What Does CBD Do? What can I give my dog for pain? Millions of pet owners wonder this each year. These owners will do just about anything to ensure the happiness and health of their pets. In today’s holistic pet market, CBD dog treats and topical creams […]

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