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Top 13 Most Poisonous Plants for Dogs

By Gabriela Elizondo / June 6, 2017

With summertime just around the corner, people (and their pets) will be spending a lot more time outside, enjoying the nice weather.  Unfortunately, allowing your dog to roam around the park or even your yard comes with a whole new of set of risks you have to watch out for. One of the dangers I’m referring […]


Dog Diarrhea: Causes, Treatments & Tips [A Definitive Guide]

By Gabriela Elizondo / May 17, 2017

“Too Long – Didn’t Read” Version: We recommend Vet’s Preferred Dog Diarrhea Liquid. Help! My Dog Has Diarrhea! No pet parent wants to see their puppy sick, especially with the discomfort that comes with dog diarrhea. With the stinky messes, constant bathroom trips outside and unavoidable household cleanups — canine diarrhea is not a pleasant […]


Ultimate Guide to Using Coconut Oil for Dogs

By Gabriela Elizondo / May 5, 2017

Is Coconut Oil Good For dogs? Quick answer: YES! “Too Long – Didn’t Read” Version: We recommend HonestPaws Coconut Oil. This tropical fruit isn’t only a delicious treat for humans, but coconut oil for dogs also provides significant health benefits. Organic coconut oil, if processed correctly, can give you all the essential nutrients needed for […]


Best Wet Dog Food v. Best Dry Dog Food for your Pup?

By Gabriela Elizondo / March 16, 2017

A Match Between The Best Wet Dog Food or The Best Dry Dog Food? By Dr. Lee R. Harris “What’s for dinner?” is an intimidating question when a dog owner is stuck in the food aisle at the grocery store, or worse yet, in the endless rows of bags and cans in the pet supply […]