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Dr. Petal Smart is a veterinarian who, after a brief stint in clinical practice, has been a medical, veterinary, and science editor for the past four years. She has edited hundreds of research studies that have been published in various academic journals, and more recently, she has been editing blog articles on pet health. She holds a DVM (Hons) from the University of the West Indies - St. Augustine. Her pets in the past have included dogs, fish, birds, and a turtle. At times, she also likes to think of herself as a horse whisperer. You can connect with her on LinkedIn.


Coconut Oil for Cats: A Definitive Guide

By Petal Smart / December 5, 2018

      One of the latest and greatest trends in holistic wellness is none other than coconut oil. Although coconut oil has served as a cooking oil for centuries, many people are now buying it for its health benefits. From boosting the immune system to serving as an all–natural moisturizer, to promoting weight loss, […]


Cat Seizure: A Step-By-Step Guide

By Petal Smart / December 5, 2018

One of the scariest experiences for a pet owner is witnessing your beloved four-legged companion experience a seizure. It can be incredibly upsetting and leave many doting parents not knowing how to proceed. What is the best way to comfort your feline during a seizure? What medications will be necessary and do they have potential […]


Lymphoma in Dogs: A Comprehensive Guide

By Petal Smart / October 30, 2018

Nearly everyone in today’s world has been affected by cancer to some degree. Either you have battled the vicious disease yourself or you know someone who has. It’s a tragic part of our lives, yet it has been somewhat normalized in a sense because it is so extremely common. Sadly for our dogs, cancer doesn’t […]


Hot Spots on Dogs: A Definitive Guide

By Petal Smart / October 18, 2018

When it comes to your dog, you’ll do just about anything in your power to ensure their happiness and health. You stay up to date on the latest and greatest advancements in holistic wellness. You make sure they are on the best diet for their individual needs. And don’t get us started on the abundance of mentally stimulating toys in their bed. Therefore, when problems arise (and they inevitably do), we understand that it can be a bit frustrating. You’re doing everything you can to keep Fido healthy, so where did it go wrong?


Cerenia: Know The Side Effects

By Petal Smart / October 15, 2018

You know the feeling…that queasy discomfort in the pit of your stomach…and whatever the cause, we don’t have to tell you how awful it feels. Dry heaving. Stomach pains. Being sick is no fun for anyone, including your furry friends… And just like people, dogs and cats can experience nausea and vomiting for a number […]


Tramadol For Dogs: Pros & Cons

By Petal Smart / October 2, 2018

One of the worst feelings for a pet owner is knowing that your beloved four-legged companion is in pain but not knowing exactly what to do for them. Whether your dog is recovering from surgery or experiencing pain associated with aging bones and joints, your vet will likely prescribe conventional pain medication. Here’s where things […]


Cat Dandruff: Know The Signs & Symptoms

By Petal Smart / September 30, 2018

You may be familiar with the itchy, flaky annoyance better known as dandruff. No matter what you do, it can seem like relief is out of reach. Unfortunately, for our four-legged friends, dandruff can also be a real issue. Cat dandruff affects more felines than you may imagine. In fact, pet dandruff is so common […]


Can Dogs Eat Peanut Butter: Yes, But First a Word of Warning…

By Petal Smart / September 18, 2018

If you’ve noticed that Fido seems to act extra adorably when you’re holding a jar of peanut butter, you’re not alone. Peanut butter has been used in a variety of ways over the years, including as an aid to administer medication and a means to provide hours of entertainment when added to an interactive toy. […]


Cat Eye Discharge: A Comprehensive Guide

By Petal Smart / September 11, 2018

As a doting cat owner, you’ve likely cleaned some “gunk” out from your beloved feline’s eyes at one point or another. Like people, cats can experience eye discharge that may affect them in varying ways. Typically, a small amount of eye discharge from time to time isn’t something to be terribly concerned about. However, if […]


High Fiber Dog Food: Reasons, Types, & Tips

By Petal Smart / September 4, 2018

We all want the very best for our beloved four-legged companions. From staying up–to–date on the latest and greatest advancements in holistic healing to ensuring that your pup always has enough physical and mental stimulation, you try to do it all. However, what if we told you that a supplement you’ve definitely heard of, was […]

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