The Calupoh Dog Breed: Everything You Need to Know

Also known as the Mexican Wolfdog, the Calupoh is a hybrid dog born by crossbreeding the Mexican gray wolf and domesticated local dogs.

In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating world of the Calupoh and provide you with all the information you need to know about this hybrid dog breed.

The Origin and History of the Calupoh Dog Breed

The Calupoh dog breed is native to Mexico, specifically the regions of Guerrero, Queretaro, Puebla, and Veracruz. The breed’s ancestors can be traced back to the Aztec era, where they were bred and trained to be fierce warriors.

The Aztecs believed that the Calupoh had a spiritual connection with their gods, and as such, they were revered in their society.

The Ancient Roots of the Calupoh

The Calupoh’s history dates back to the pre-Columbian era of Mexico. This canine was once known as the Xolotl dog, and it was believed to have originated from the same genetic pool as the Mexican hairless dog, known as the Xoloitzcuintli.

The Role of the Calupoh in Mexican Culture

The Calupoh was used in religious ceremonies. It was believed that the dog’s sacrifice could cleanse a person’s soul and bring them closer to the gods. The dog was often adorned with feathers and other decorative elements before being sacrificed.

The Aztecs also believed that the Calupoh had the ability to communicate with the gods and could act as a messenger between the human and spiritual worlds.

The Calupoh’s Journey to Modern Recognition

In 1999 The Federación Canófila Mexicana recognized the Calupoh as a fully domesticated dog breed. This was a significant milestone for the breed and helped to raise awareness about their unique history and cultural significance.

However, today, the Calupoh is still a relatively rare breed and is not very well known, especially outside of Mexico. Efforts are made to promote the breed and secure its population numbers.

Physical Characteristics and Appearance

The Calupoh dog has a muscular and athletic build with a well-defined chest and powerful legs, which enable it to run at great speeds. The overall appearance is striking and impressive.

Size and Weight

The Calupoh’s height can range from 23 to 30 inches at the shoulder, depending on whether it’s a male or female. Generally, males are larger than females. Their weight typically falls between 44 to 99 pounds, again depending on sex.

Coat and Colors

The Calupoh has a short, shiny coat that comes in black color and can sometimes have white markings. The coat is dense and protects from hot and cold weather, making them well-suited for any climate.

Distinctive Features

A unique trait of the Calupoh is their large, upright ears that can stand independently or fold slightly at the tip, giving the breed an alert and curious expression. The ears are not only a distinctive feature but also serve a practical purpose, allowing them to hear even the slightest sounds from a distance.

They also have an athletic build that is complemented by their long, lean legs and slightly angled back. These features make them well-suited for activities such as hunting, agility training, and other physical challenges.

Temperament and Personality Traits

The Calupoh is an intelligent and trainable breed that can be fiercely loyal to its family. It is confident and independent, yet kind and affectionate with the owners.

Intelligence and Trainability

The Calupoh is a highly intelligent breed that enjoys challenging tasks and learning new skills. They are quick learners and thrive when given opportunities to exercise their minds and bodies. They respond well to positive reinforcement techniques and are eager to please their owners.

Socialization and Interaction with Other Animals

Socialization is crucial for the Calupoh dog from an early age. They have a strong prey drive and may view smaller animals as a target when not properly introduced. With proper socialization, however, they can coexist peacefully with other pets and animals.

Energy Levels and Exercise Needs

The Calupoh is an active breed that requires plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy. They enjoy running, hiking, and playing fetch and require at least an hour of physical activity a day to maintain their overall well-being.

Health and Lifespan

The Calupoh is generally a healthy breed with few known health issues. Proper care and regular vet checkups can help maintain their overall health and wellness.

Common Health Issues

One potential health issue for the Calupoh breed is hip dysplasia, which can cause discomfort and difficulty in movement. It is recommended that breeders test their breeding stock for this hereditary condition to reduce the risk of it being passed down to their offspring.

Preventative Care and Regular Checkups

Regular vet checkups, proper nutrition, and preventative care can go a long way in ensuring a Calupoh dog’s overall health and well-being. They require regular tooth brushing, nail trimming, and ear cleaning, just like any other breed.

Expected Lifespan

The Calupoh has an average lifespan of between 12 and 18 years, provided they receive proper care and nutrition.


All in all, the Calupoh dog breed is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a unique and loyal companion. They have a rich history, distinctive features, and a personality that is both confident and affectionate. With proper care, training, and socialization, they can make a great addition to any family.

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