Years of research are revealing more and more ghastly side-effects of prescription medication use in animals. Therefore, a holistic approach to pet wellness is rapidly becoming commonplace amongst pet owners everywhere. However, with such a sudden surge in popularity, comes an overwhelming amount of brands, products, and choices to make. Currently, the most trendy homeopathic pet supplements right now are made from hemp. While hemp products boast an impressive list of benefits for cats and dogs alike, not all hemp products are created equally. If you have looked into hemp for your pet, you have likely heard of Canna-Pet. In this article, we will tell you everything about the brand Canna-Pet and their hemp products for pets.

What is Canna-Pet?canna pet cbd oil for dogs

Specializing in hemp-based products, Canna-Pet makes natural supplements for cats, dogs, and horses. Canna-Pet produces and sells hemp products in the form of capsules, oil, and biscuits. Interestingly enough, Canna-Pet was one of the first companies making hemp-based products with animals specifically in mind. However, with so many hemp products for animals on the market now, how does Canna-Pet measure up?

What is Hemp?

Have you walked into a coffee shop lately and seen “hemp milk” added to the list of milk alternatives? Well, milk is one of roughly 50,000 commercial products that are made from the hemp plant. Other products include coffee, paper, clothes, shoes, and more. The hemp plant is a member of the cannabis family. You may be familiar with the cannabis family’s most infamous son, the marijuana plant. Known for its psychoactive qualities, marijuana possesses upwards of 15-40% THC, which gives its user the feeling of “being high”. Hemp, on the other hand, only contains .3% THC. To reiterate, that is point three percent. Therefore, it is perfectly safe to give your pet and will not result in sweet Fido getting “high” and having the munchies.

Canna-Pet Hemp Supplement Ingredients

The main ingredient, as their name suggests, is, in fact, the hemp plant from cannabis family. Canna-Pet uses only non-GMO, organic hemp. Additionally, Canna-Pet capsules have added terpenes and flavonoids. Terpenes are naturally occurring chemicals on cannabis plants that provide various scents. In the wild, terpenes act as bug and animal repellant, designed to ward off predators with unsavory scents. However, in the cannabis industry, the over one hundred varieties of terpenes help identify the effect that particular plant may have. Additionally, flavonoids are naturally occurring substances in thousands of plants. Flavonoids provide unique color, smell, and taste notes to plants. Furthermore, Canna-Pet biscuits have uniquely individual ingredient list based on the specific flavor. All biscuits, however, are made with organic barley flour and hemp.

Canna-Pet Side Effects

While many of the hemp and CBD products on the market are mostly safe for cats and dogs, all animals are unique and react differently. In most cases, users of Canna-Pet saw little to no side-effects other than more lethargy and tiredness than usual. However, one very upset customer claimed Canna-Pet caused an increase in her dog’s seizure problem. Reportedly, this customers dog had only one seizure every two months before Canna-Pet and now has one once a week after having used Canna-Pet. Moreover, several users of Canna-Pet reported little to no improvement in their dog’s or cat’s condition after weeks using Canna-Pet.

FDA Warning

Furthermore, all too recently Canna-Pet has an unfavorable run-in with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). According to the letter from the FDA, Canna-Pet was making medical claims about their products without providing the appropriate research and testing to back it up. You can read the full FDA letter to Canna-Pet online. While their products remained the same, their marketing approach had to change.

Canna-Pet Customer Reviews

Medical issues notwithstanding, Canna-Pet has an unacceptable track record with customer service. First of all, the only direct “helpline” they offer is through email communication. Furthermore, most customers report that they don’t even get a response when they send an email. With something as important as the health of your pet, one would think a company would offer person-to-person help-line for questions. If a response was received, many consumers claimed their representative was rude and unhelpful. For example, a consumer recently wrote Canna-Pet to inform them of a packaging defect. Apparently, the glass dropper used to dispense the oil broke off easily when they were using it. The consumer was worried an entire batch was defective and warned them that it was a choking hazard to animals. Instead of apologizing, offering a refund, or a new bottle, Canna-Pet simply thanked them for bringing the issue to their attention.

CBD Oil vs. Hemp Oil

In addition to hemp products for pets, CBD oil is making quite a splash in the holistic pet wellness world. While CBD oil is in fact derived from the hemp plant, CBD oil and hemp oil have different purposes and origins. CBD oil is extracted from hemp flowers, where hemp oil is made from pressing hemp seeds. Furthermore, CBD oil and hemp oil serve different purposes medicinally. Hemp oil is widely used in various lotions and soaps due to its impressive skin-hydrating qualities. Additionally, hemp oil contains high amounts of essential fatty acids, which are a helpful dietary supplement. CBD oil, on the other hand, has an impressive list of proven health benefits for cats and dogs.

CBD Oil for Dogs

Like hemp oil, CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant and boasts zero psychoactive qualities. Translation: your pet will not get “high on reefer” if and when they ingest CBD oil products. For cats and dogs, CBD can offer potential health benefits such as:

  • Promoting calmness in pets who deal with nervousness and helping pets cope with external stresses
  • Supporting a healthy inflammatory response in pets who may be dealing with occasional discomfort
  • Promoting relaxation and providing help for restless animals
  • Helping maintain normal nervous system function
  • Soothing skin-related issues associated with seasonal allergies
  • Helping support joint flexibility and mobility
  • Promoting overall homeostasis in the body

Clearly, there is a reason (actually, several) why CBD oil is becoming so popular in the homeopathic health world. However, like hemp oil, not all CBD oil’s are created equally. When searching for products, expert care must be taken.

Best Practices for Choosing CBD/Hemp Oil Products

When selecting any new product for your pet, adequate time and energy must be dedicated to research. With the rapid increase in popularity of holistic pet wellness, the options can seem overwhelming. Sadly, with companies and products popping up virtually overnight, it can be tricky finding the safest, most effective products. When searching for CBD/hemp oil products for your pet, there are several things you should look out for.

Hemp and CBD Sourcing

It is absolutely imperative that you look into where companies are getting their hemp plants. Always choose hemp that is non-GMO and organically grown in the United States. With the increase in product demand, companies are resorting to cheaper options. This means some companies are sourcing their hemp from Russia or China. While these international hemp plants are saving them money, the quality is far inferior and questionable at best.

Levels of CBD

As previously stated, CBD oil boasts more health benefits than hemp oil alone. Therefore, products with higher levels of CBD will be more worth the money. As a reminder, hemp seeds produce no CBD oil, therefore you should look for products derived from the hemp plant. Some companies will try to cut costs by mixing hemp seeds and plants together. While this process increases product volume, it decreases potency and therefore, effectiveness.

Avoid Added Chemicals

CBD oil offers impressive benefits all by itself. It does not need any added chemicals to be useful or effective. Avoid brands that mix CBD with propylene glycol, ethanol, or hazardous flavorings. For example, chocolate and peppermint are both known to cause health issues in dogs. On the other hand, some brands, like Honest Paws, have skillfully infused high-quality, lab-tested, all-natural CBD oil into a number of yummy products. For example, you can choose from CBD infused peanut butter, coconut oil, or a variety of CBD treats designed for specific ailments.

Always Consult your Vet First

CBD/hemp oil products for pets are overwhelmingly safe in nature, with little to no side-effects. Nevertheless, before introducing any new food or supplement into your cat or dog’s diet, it is always important to consult your vet first. Be sure to educate your vet about any current or prior medicines your pet is taking, as well as their complete medical history. A well-trained and informed vet is an invaluable tool in crafting the perfect holistic health plan for your unique pet.

Canna-Pet: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we all want out beloved pets to live long, healthy lives. Expertly selected holistic supplements can work wonders in achieving this goal. However, it is utterly vital to select the best products you can. While Canna-Pet is one of the oldest hemp products out there, that doesn’t mean that it is the best. It only takes one bad experience to tarnish a brand, and Canna-Pet has their fair share of bad reviews. Do yourself, and your pet a favor and only purchase high-quality, thoroughly researched and well-reviewed supplements.