Where to Buy the Best Cat Tree, Cat Condo, Cat Tower, and More!

By Clearvoice / June 12, 2018
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We know you love your fur baby, so it’s likely that you either own a cat tree or have considered the benefits of purchasing cat furniture. We’re here to tell you that there’s a reason for the undeniable popularity of kitty playhouses.

However, there are so many options for pet owners to chose from that it can become overwhelming. In this article, we hope to help navigate the world of cat trees and aid in finding the perfect furniture for your furry companion.

Types of Cats that Need a Cat Tree

Most experts argue that all cats can profit from a cat tree. However, if your fur baby has any of the following personality traits, studies show they can significantly benefit from furniture of their own. Each cat owner is different and the same can be said for their purring pets.

Knowing your cat’s personality will greatly help in finding the purrrfect cat tree.

Cats Who Love Climbing

Cats are natural born climbers. In the wild and even domesticated, outdoor cats climb for fun and, at times, in order to escape danger. While domesticated, indoor cats certainly don’t need to be climbing to escape dangerous situations, many still love climbing just for fun.

Whether they are perched up on top of the fridge or outdoors in a tree, climbing is instinctual. It’s in their DNA.

kitty on cat scratching post and cat perch

If a cat owner recognizes their pet’s love for climbing, a cat tree may be a great addition to your home.

Additionally, a cat tree can also be a lifesaver for your curtains, drapes, and countertops, all of which can be subject to destruction as your cat tries to climb through your home.

Importance of Cat Scratching Post

Despite a cat owner’s dislike for the act, cats love to scratch. Again, this is instinctual. Cats scratch in order to slough off the outer layers of their nails and also to mark their territory and to help get the best stretch possible.

If your cat is a scratcher and has been taking out their natural instincts on your beautiful dining room table or ripping up your living room carpet, a scratching post is certainly necessary.

Cats Who Like Their Personal Space

Some cats, like their owners, like their own personal space. A cat tree is a great way to allow your fur baby the freedom of spending time with you, but also have a sacred, safe retreat for themselves.

Shy Cats

Additionally, some cats can tend to be more shy and timid than others. Instead of your cat running for the hills when you have company over, providing an escape for your shy cat proves to be not only effective but also safe for your furry friend.

Furthermore, shy and timid cats can greatly benefit from being able to perch high up on their cat tree. Their personal furniture can allow them a place to feel more confident and secure.

High-Anxiety Cats

Behavioral issues such as aggressive tendencies are common in some cats. Choosing the right cat tree can aid in stress relief by providing a safe way to be stimulated physically and mentally.

cheap cat trees for large cats sitting in a group

How to Choose the Best Cat Tree

So, now comes the fun part! How to choose the perfect tree. There are several factors that cat owners should look for when purchasing kitty furniture.

Construction & Stability

Depending on your cat’s age and health, you may have a highly active kitty on your hands. Regardless of whether you have a playful cat or a bit of a couch potato, ensuring that the cat tree you choose is stable and has secure construction is incredibly important.

If you have a heavy cat it is even more important for the construction of the cat tree to be in tip-top shape.

Cover Quality & Surface Quality

Additionally, it is important that the cover and surface qualities of the cat tree are well made and easy to clean. There are cat trees on the market that are on the cheaper side but are not made well and will prove not cost effective as cat owners will find themselves having to replace the furniture.

Unique Features

If you have a playful cat, you may opt for a cat tree with dangling toys and accessories that will stimulate them mentally.

Condos & Cubbies

Many pet trees will have great cubbies and condo features that will allow for a great escape for your shy or timid furry friend. Most cats love being in small, safe areas and an enclosed hiding place within the cat tree will provide just that.

kitty searching through a modern cat tree house

Cat Scratching Posts

For most cat owners, one of the most important features of a cat tree will be the cat scratching post. You’ll want to ensure that the post is big enough for your cat’s scratching needs and if multiple cats are sharing the tree, you may want to find one that has multiple scratching posts.

Ladders & Ramps

Additionally, ladders and ramps are excellent features for cats who love climbing and cats who are not able to climb as well as they would like.

Tunnels for Exploring

Tunnels make for a great, safe way for a cat who loves exploring. Larger cats may also like to use the tunnels for a cozy place to nap.

Visual Style of Your Cat Playhouse

Finally, each cat owner gets to add a bit of their own personal style into their cat’s playhouse. From modern to shabby chic to minimalist, there are cat tree styles for everyone.

Our Favorite Cat Trees!

Still overwhelmed? We don’t blame you. There are a ton of cat trees on the market. We’ll give you the rundown on some of our personal favorites!

Yaheetech Cat Tree | Cat Condos

Yaheetech Cat Trees has stellar reviews and has cat parents talking about all of its awesome features including:

  • Simple to assemble
  • Ten scratching posts
  • The ten scratching posts are all covered in sturdy sisal rope
  • Plenty of activity space
  • Two cat tree condos (great for multiple cats)
  • Easy to clean
  • Covering material doesn’t shed
  • Includes a ramp feature
  • Weight capacity of 80 lbs

TRIXIE Baza Cat Furniture with Hammock

This TRIXIE pet product features a hammock quality that the majority of cats tend to love. It also features scratching posts covered in long-lasting sisal.

kitty lying on modern cat furniture of cat hammock

Cat Condo for Multiple Cats: SONGMICS Multi-Level Cat Towers

Cat owners with multiple kitties may love SONGMICS Multi-Level Cat Tower. The cat tower is fully equipped with scratching posts, a dangling rope and ball, and a hammock feature for relaxing.

Cat Trees for Kittens: Go Pet Club Cat Tree

The GoPetClub 106-inch Cat Tree is great for energetic kittens as well as homes with multiple cats. Additionally, if your cat loves heights, the GoPetClub may be the cat tree option that you want to consider. With 25 different levels, this cat playground has something for every cat to enjoy.

High-End Cat Houses: Vesper Cat Furniture

You have a fancy cat; therefore, you need a fancy cat house. Some cat owners may opt for the chic, design of the Vesper V-High Base Furniture.

Other features include:

  • Two platforms
  • Sturdy wood construction
  • Three washable memory foam cushions
  • Six seagrass rope-wrapped cat scratching posts
  • Stable for frisky, playful cats
  • Beautifully designed which makes for a decorative addition to your house

cat ontop of kitty mansions palace house aka cat condos

Cat Trees For Large Cats: Simple Sleeper Cat Scratch Post & Bed

Larger cat breeds such as Maine Coons need more space to scratch, stretch, and rest. The Simple Sleeper measures 19” x 21” x 37” tall and is likely big enough for your large kitty.

Multi-Level Kitty Mansions

Kitty Mansions has loads of cat trees for small, medium, and large cats. There’s something for every cat, even the fancy ones!

Where To Buy Cat Tree Houses

We’ve provided links to some of our favorite cat trees, but there are many excellent options that we may have accidentally overlooked. With that said, we recommend always checking the reviews of the product whenever possible!

Modern Cat Furniture

Additionally, some pet parents like to look at the product in person before making a purchase. Check out your local Costco as you can look at reviews online and then go to the store to physically see the product.

Cat Tree Amazon

We love Amazon, who doesn’t!? Easily read and honest reviews plus free 2-day shipping… Sign us up!

The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we know how much cat owners love their furry friends. Providing a safe outlet for them to scratch, relax, and retreat can be equally beneficial for pet parents and their cats alike.

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