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Anti-Inflammatory for Dogs: Helping a Pooch in Pain

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / September 24, 2018

5.0 02 Anti-inflammatory for dogs! At some point, you or your pet may have had to have used an anti-inflammatory for pain relief. Well, in veterinary medicine there are all sorts of anti-inflammatory drugs available for dogs. So, sit tight because today, we’ll be going over everything you need to know about anti-inflammatory for dogs. […]


Pet Friendly Ice Melt: Keep Your Pups Paw Safe!

By Clearvoice / September 24, 2018

0.0 00 Pet-friendly Ice Melt! There is no doubt that you’ve seen these “ice melts” in your local pet store during the winter months. But, have you asked yourself what exactly is a pet-friendly ice melt? And do I actually need a pet-friendly ice melt if I have a dog? or a cat? Well, if […]