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Happy National Pit Bull Month

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / October 4, 2019

 Today we celebrate one of our favorite dog breeds, the playful pit bull! Since October is their month, we want to sprinkle some positivity on this often controversial dog breed. Get ready for an adorable pit bull video as well as some fun-facts that will have you racing to your local shelter to add one […]


What Happens When Your Pets’ Health Gets Rough

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 23, 2019

In 2019, people are more aware of their dog’s health than ever before! With the help of pet lovers from all over the US, we’re releasing our first data-based article: What Happens When Your Pets’ Health Gets Rough. We often invest a lot of time researching our overall health.  We carefully opt for health care plans, […]


The Rise of Homeopathic Treatments for Dogs

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 9, 2019

Ever heard of veganism or the gluten-free diet? How about homeopathic treatments like CBD oil? Chances are, you have read about them scrolling through social media or heard of them in the news. Products like these are constantly being reviewed in journals and blogs with the idea of creating favorable approaches to different markets. These […]


Ask a Vet: CBD For Pets

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / February 11, 2019

Our culture is obsessed with comparison. Coke vs. Pepsi. DC vs. Marvel. N*SYNC vs. Backstreet Boys. No matter if we’re talking food, boy bands, or something in between, each side is fiercely supported by its loyal followers. The same can be said for holistic wellness and pharmaceuticals. People are often lumped into categories. You’re either […]


Happy Holidays From Honest Paws

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / December 17, 2018

Happy holidays you stellar pet parent you! Tis the season to give gifts and be merry so we want to offer you 30% off from Tuesday, December 18th through Tuesday, December 25th. Click here to change your pet’s life today! And while you’re out it, check out our CBD-infused take on Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer!


Liver Disease in Dogs: Know The Signs Before It’s Too Late

By JoAnna Pendergrass / December 10, 2018

When you think about your dog’s vital organs, which ones come to mind? Many pet owners name the heart, brain, and lungs, for good reason. However, have you ever considered your dog’s liver? The liver is another vital organ that is often overlooked but shouldn’t be.  The liver plays vital roles in the dog’s body. […]


Kidney Disease in Dogs: Know The Early Signs

By Jennifer Dempsey / December 10, 2018

  In this article we will cover everything pet parents should know about kidney disease in dogs. Whenever something is wrong with a vital organ, such as the kidney, it’s undoubtedly a scary situation. With that said, by being able to recognize the early signs of organ damage, pet parents can take the appropriate steps in getting […]


CBD Oil for Horses: The Everything You Need To Know Guide

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / November 26, 2018

Just like people, horses experience medical issues that can leave owners not knowing how to proceed. We know that you want the very best for your four-legged companion, but what exactly does that entail? Are the potential adverse reactions to conventional medications worth the risk? When problems arise (and they inevitably do) it is important […]

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