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Prozac for Dogs: Know Your Options

We likely don’t have to tell you that dogs are highly sensitive creatures. They can pick up on the owner’s emotions more than you may imagine. Additionally, dogs can also experience anxiety for reasons in their personal life, aside from their owner’s day-to-day stress. Everything from a new member of the household to traveling in […]

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Previcox: Know The Risks Beforehand

From the moment you meet your dog, whether they are a fresh puppy or a mature rescue dog, you are undoubtedly in love. The human-dog bond runs deep, earning dogs the iconic title “man’s best friend”. Naturally, we all want our dogs to live long, healthy, comfortable lives. Sadly, dogs, like humans, will likely encounter […]

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Potassium Bromide & Seizures

Whether your beloved dog is experiencing their first seizure, or it is a regular occurrence, the violent convulsions are sad and scary to witness. As a dog owner, you want the best for Fido. Naturally, if and when your dog has a seizure you are going to immediately take them to the vet for some […]

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Can Dogs Get Lice?

Lice. The word itself sends a shiver down the spines of parents and elementary school teachers alike. But, in our adult lives, unless we have children, we don’t seem to come into contact with these creepy bugs that often. But, can dogs get lice? Read on to find out… What Are Lice? Lice, the plural […]

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