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CBD Oil for Cats: Everything You Need To Know

As information constantly emerges regarding the potential adverse reactions associated with conventional medications, more and more pet owners find themselves desperately seeking all natural alternatives. It’s no surprise why. From kidney failure to blindness to death. Treating a simple illness can become fatal at the hands of prescriptive drugs. Luckily, holistic medicine is continuing to […]

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Deramaxx: Side Effects & Precautions

If you have a headache, you can take an Ibuprofen from your local convenience store. When you have surgery, the doctor often prescribes a common pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory medication to help with the recovery process. Treating pain and inflammation in dogs is a little trickier. Many of the over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs pet owners […]

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Zytrec for Dogs: A Word of Warning

Did you know dogs can get allergies just like us? Dogs can be allergic to anything from environmental factors like local pollen and grass to ingredients in their food and treats. When people and animals are suffering from allergies, vets prescribe antihistamines like Zyrtec. While vets commonly recommend Zyrtec for dogs with allergies, it can […]

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Cerenia: Know The Side Effects

Vomiting and nausea… two things that no person or animal looks forward to. Yet, unfortunately, at one point or another, we will all have to deal with the unpleasant realities of not feeling our best. In some cases, nausea and vomiting may be a result of something as simple as motion sickness. Conversely, in other […]

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Cat Dandruff: Know the Signs and Symptoms

With one in every five people suffering from dandruff, you have likely heard of this itchy, embarrassing condition. However, did you know dandruff is prevalent amongst our feline friends as well? In fact, the uncomfortable condition is so common amongst cats that there are countless anti-dandruff shampoos lining the shelves of your local pet store. […]

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