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Raw Cat Food: What You Need To Know

Food. We build our days and our lives around it. Food has a magical (and tasty!) ability to sustain and nourish life. However, these days with the demand for food so high, quality is starting to go out the window. Consumers everywhere are turning to natural, organic, non-GMO diets to avoid unsavory chemicals and preservatives. […]

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Canna-Pet Review: An Honest Assessment

Years of research are revealing more and more ghastly side-effects of prescription medication use in animals. Therefore, a holistic approach to pet wellness is rapidly becoming commonplace amongst pet owners everywhere. However, with such a sudden surge in popularity, comes an overwhelming amount of brands, products, and choices to make. Currently, the most trendy homeopathic pet […]

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Fish Oil for Cats: A Word of Caution

One of the most commonly added dietary supplements is none other than fish oil. A quick Google search is typically all that’s needed to make many pet owners run out for a bottle of the dietary supplement not only for themselves but for their beloved four-legged friends as well. From promoting skin health to preventing […]

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Arthritis in Cats: Everything You Need To Know

Arthritis is one of the most common physical ailments plaguing humans. In fact, over 350 million people worldwide suffer from arthritis. However, did you know that arthritis is the most prevalent condition amongst middle-aged felines? Cats are famously agile and nimble creatures, so naturally, the debilitating onset of arthritis can be heartbreaking to witness as […]

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Essential Oils and Cats: A Big Warning

In recent years, essential oils have been gaining popularity for a range of different purposes. From keeping your home smelling fresh to medicinal, herbal remedies, more and more people are purchasing essential oils for their everyday needs. However, with the rise in popularity also comes a rise in concern amongst cat owners as many have […]

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