Colloidal Silver for Dogs: A Game Changer in Holistic Medicine

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / May 7, 2018
colloidal silver for dogs

Dogs are incredibly resilient. They can also live pretty rough, dirty lives, and love every minute of it. A little scrape here or there typically is nothing to worry about, but often has pet owners running for the medicine cabinet or calling their veterinarian for antibiotics.

Before you have your vet order in a slew of antibiotics that have the potential to do more harm than good, there is some important information you should know about the super healing powers of colloidal silver.

colloidal silver for dogsWhat is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is a natural liquid formula that serves as an antibiotic, anti-fungal, and anti-viral. Colloidal silver also has antiseptic properties making it a go-to natural remedy and preventative for both humans and their pets.

Differing colloidal silver from ordinary silver is that colloidal silver has tiny, submicroscopic silver particles that are suspended in a liquid base. These tiny particles are key. Experts believe that the silver particles can penetrate through cells and fight harmful pathogens that can cause disease.

What is Colloidal Silver for Dogs?

Holistic veterinarians and pet owners who are aware of the dangers that conventional antibiotics pose to their beloved dog prefer to treat a variety of infections with colloidal silver.colloidal silver for dogs

A micro-particle colloidal silver generator creates tiny silver particles of silver ions that can penetrate on a molecular level and rid the dog’s body of bacteria, viruses, fungal spores, and parasites.

Scientists believe that colloidal silver prevents the pathogen from being able to breathe and can ultimately kill it within minutes. After the disease-causing organisms are killed off, the body’s immune system naturally takes over and rids it of the pathogen.

For this reason, dogs who are treated with colloidal silver usually make substantial progress, if not a full recovery, within a few days.

Additionally, while we are focusing on dogs in this article, it should be mentioned that the colloidal silver solution also provides incredible benefits for cats as well.

Colloidal Silver Uses

It is important to note that colloidal silver is not necessarily a “cure-all.” However, studies show that it can provide an incredible amount of benefits for many conditions.

Additionally, we should mention that according to the FDA, only prescribed drugs administered by licensed medical physicians can claim they are able to provide healing of any kind. We are certainly not making any scientific claims and it is always imperative to discuss options with your veterinarian.

With that being said, it’s hard for anyone to ignore the seemingly magical powers of colloidal silver.

Here are a few of the ailments that colloidal silver can tackle.

Colloidal Silver for Dogs: Infection

Colloidal silver is immensely powerful at fighting pathogens whether your dog is combating a bacterial infection, viral infection, or fungal infection. Colloidal silver is great to have in your medicine cabinet as you never know when your four-legged family member is going to get into.

Additionally, colloidal silver can be used on countertops and surfaces for an extra, natural preventative measure that is safe for humans and pets alike.

colloidal silver for dogs skinColloidal Silver for Dogs: Skin

As a topical remedy, pet owners can use colloidal silver as a treatment method for ringworm, burns, and wounds.

Furthermore, studies show that the powers of colloidal silver are able to provide a soothing effect that repairs tissue damage.

Colloidal Silver for Dogs: Ears

Colloidal silver can aid in easing painful symptoms of ear infections. Additionally, it can fight off the yeast and bacteria causing the infection in the ears.

Colloidal Silver for Dogs: Eyes

Colloidal silver can alleviate and cure a number of eye conditions including inflammation due to allergies, a slew of eye infections such as pink eye, as well as reduce tear staining.

Colloidal Silver for Dogs: Lungs

Amazingly enough, colloidal silver can also be turned into a mist with a device called a nebulizer and used for the treatment of respiratory conditions such as pneumonia, asthma, and bronchitis.

You have to admit, colloidal silver is extremely versatile.

Overview of the Ailments

As a quick overview, here is a list of just some of the ailments that can benefit from treatment using colloidal silver.

  • Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections
  • Fever
  • Coughs and respiratory infections
  • Lyme disease
  • Digestive issues
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Parasitic infestations
  • Skin conditions from allergies, wounds, or infections
  • Removing plaque from teeth
  • Reducing ulcers
  • Helps prevent UTI
  • Yeast infections
  • Toenail fungus
  • Ringworm
  • Candida
  • Sore throat
  • Hot spots
  • Cystitis
  • Diarrhea
  • Boosts immunity

(Among many others)

Colloidal Silver Benefits

Ultimately, colloidal silver best benefits your dog by aiding in the treatment of whatever condition they are experiencing without simultaneously flooding the body with toxins found in harsh pharmaceutical medications.

The added benefits of colloidal silver are more or less icing on the health cake!

Just to really hit the point home, here are a few MORE reasons why you may want to add colloidal silver to your medicine cabinet.

Keeps Your Dog Clean

Colloidal silver is a powerful cleaning and disinfecting agent. Pet owners can clean their dog’s sleeping area or crates with colloidal silver in order to keep them as clean as possible, even when it seems they are trying to do the opposite.

Stomach Pains

Pets in general, but particularly dogs seem to love eating things that they shouldn’t. If you’ve ever come home to a torn up trash bag, your first thought is probably about the mess and closely followed by what it’s going to do to your dog’s stomach.

A great option is giving your dog colloidal silver. Yes, colloidal silver can clean your dog/s sleeping space as well as soothe an upset stomach. Pretty remarkable!


Additionally, colloidal silver can get rid of nasty pet odors, particularly urine. If you have a dog or cat who likes to make their territory, colloidal silver is going to be your new go-to. Simply clean your carpet as you normally would and they spray colloidal silver on top.


Avoid Infections

Unlike antibiotics that only treat infections and ailments, colloidal silver can not only treat, but actually prevent them. Furthermore, colloidal silver can speed up the restorative process and ensure that additional infections don’t occur while the body is healing.

Colloidal Silver Dosage & How to Use Colloidal Silver

No two dogs are the same. While these are recommended dosages and usages of colloidal silver, we always recommend consulting with your veterinarian about the specific needs of your individual dog.

Oral Use

A general dosage and guideline for administering colloidal silver orally is five to ten drops, two to three times a day. Colloidal silver water essentially tastes like normal distilled water so it shouldn’t be a problem getting your dog to drink up.

When adding to your dog’s water bowl to prevent illness:

Small-breed dogs – 10 ml daily
Medium-sized dogs – 15 ml daily
Large dogs – 20 ml daily

When adding to your dog’s water bowl when an illness is present:

Small breed dogs – 10 ml, twice a day
Medium-sized dogs – 30 ml, twice a day
Large-breed dogs – 40 to 50 ml, twice a day

colloidal silver for dogs

Topical Use

Using a cotton swab, colloidal oil can clean out wounds as well as sprayed directly on the skin several times a day for healing purposes.


A few drops daily for up to 10 days can cure most ear infections and prevent the regrowth of yeast. (Most often, yeast is what is causing the ear infection)


Colloidal silver is painless and won’t sting your dog. Therefore pet owners can apply it directly into the eye. Specialists recommend three drops in the eye or eyes with the infection.


Using a nebulizer, pet owners can create a colloidal silver mist for their dog to inhale. Experts recommend at least three times a day for 15-minute increments.

Types of Colloidal Silver for Dogs

Colloidal silver products come in several different forms.

Colloidal Silver Gel

The gel form of colloidal silver works wonders topically.

Colloidal Silver Spray

Pet owners can put the liquid colloidal silver into a spray bottle creating a colloidal silver spray solution. It can be directly applied to wounds and infections.

Colloidal Silver Soap

Using colloidal silver soap for your dog can ease symptoms of skin conditions such as hot spots, insect bites, and infections.

Colloidal Silver for Pink Eye

Conjunctivitis (pink eye) can be alleviated with colloidal silver eye drops.

colloidal silver for dogs pink eye

Is Colloidal Silver Safe

One thing that colloidal silver has in common with antibiotics is that it reduces the natural beneficial flora in the gut. Pet owners should make sure that they follow up treatment with colloidal silver with probiotics to ensure that the levels of good bacteria are brought back to their normal, healthy state.

Additionally, retailers sell colloidal silver at varying degrees of quality. It is important to do your research before deciding on a brand.

Natural Antibiotics for Dogs > Conventional Antibiotics for Dogs

colloidal silver for dogs antibiotics

The health and well-being of our pets mean everything to us. With that being said, time and time again pet owners seek conventional antibiotic treatment over a natural antibiotic solution. By now, you probably know the dangers of conventional antibiotics and the harsh adverse reactions they can have on your dogs and cats.

A natural solution such as colloidal silver is an excellent, natural, and effective way to keep your beloved dog happy and healthy for years to come.


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