Dog Clippers vs Human Clippers: Key Differences

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / August 28, 2019

Cutting your dog’s hair is an essential stage of any grooming session. If you want your dog to look clean and tidy, make sure to cut and trim their hair regularly. However, here we aren’t going to discuss ways to groom your dog. Instead, in this article, we will try to distinguish between dog clippers and human clippers.

So let’s discuss the significant differences between these two types of clippers.

Structure and Working

When it comes to the construction and operation of a clipper, there may be some differences, depending on the purpose. Generally, the purpose of a clipper is to cut hair and trim it evenly.

However, the difference comes with the quality and thickness of the hair. Typically human hair has fewer layers, which make them less stiff. On the contrary, dog hair has plenty of layers, making them hard and durable.

Therefore, the clippers used for dogs are totally different from those that we use for ourselves. The significant difference relates to the power of these tools and their accessories. For instance, the razor blades and scissors of human clippers are delicate and less sharp.

Hence, it is not advisable to use human trimmers for grooming your dog. If you do, the sturdy and robust hair of your dog will destroy the teeth and blades of your clipper. The teeth of dog clippers have more space between them, helping to trim a lot of more hair with one stroke.

The blades are also sharp enough to cut the dog hair without any hassle. Moreover, sharp blades make the trimming process less annoying and less painful for the pet. If you own a dog with thick hair, don’t even think about using human clippers.

Key Differences

Both these clippers look the same, but when you pay close attention to their performance and structural element, you will find some visible differences. Below are a few key factors, which clearly differentiate between the dog clipper and human clipper.

Motor Power

The major difference between a human clipper and a dog clipper is that of the motor. This part serves as the powerhouse of a clipper. The more power to offer, the more efficient a clipper will perform. Therefore, the motor of a dog clipper is more powerful than that of a human clipper.

Size and Sharpness of the Blades

The blade teeth used in the human clippers are small and have a little gap between them. This is because these machines are designed to clip or trim thin human hair. Dog clippers have more space between their blade teeth, which allows them to engage more and thicker hairs and cut them without any problem.

Motor Speed

The speed is another essential aspect that differentiates dog clippers from human clippers. A standard dog clipper can offer up to 5000 strokes per minute. This kind of speed is necessary to trim thick, long, and tough dog hair.

On the other hand, human trimmers lack such high speeds. Since the human hairs are soft and less sturdy, a clipper with reasonable motor speed serves the purpose well.


Usually, both human and dog clippers come with accessories. However, the number of accessories that come with dog clippers have more variants. The different size combs make it possible to trim almost any type of dog hair.

Besides, the thickness of the dog hair requires sharper blades. Hence, there are different types of blades available with a dog clipper to trim even the most healthy dog hair. For the hassle-free grooming of your dog, you can also use a variety of comb sizes.

Human clippers have combs, but they are no more than an inch in terms of size. Similarly, the sharpness of the blades isn’t identical to that of dog clippers.

Size of Cuts

Human clippers have standard-sized blades, which can trim hair up to 0.2". These trimmers offer an excellent finish when used for human hair. They are smooth and don’t cause any kind of pain. But when you try to use such clippers for trimming your dog’s fur, they immediately stop working because the blades aren’t sharp enough and the teeth are too small to deal with thick and long dog hair. The performance of a dog clipper is much more efficient. They are designed in a way to handle the toughest of hair.

Dog clippers cut hair up to 1/16 inch. Keeping such a difference between blades and skin is essential to avoid the chances of hurting the dog.


So what is the difference between dog clippers vs. human clippers? The primary purpose of both human and dog clippers is the same. The difference, though, is in the performance and durability. Dog clippers are strong enough to trim thick and sturdy pet hair. On the other hand, human clippers are capable of cutting only thin and soft hair, like that found on men and women's heads.

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