Dog Halloween Costumes: Top 13 DIY Ideas for 2019

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / September 19, 2018

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Leaves are falling. The air is finally getting cooler. Pumpkin spice is everywhere. All of this can only mean one thing: Halloween is upon us! It is finally that time of the year where pet parents can dress up their beloved fur baby with no judgment passed. (PS we encourage to live every day like it’s Halloween… but to each their own)

With the holiday and associated parties fast approaching, many dog owners find themselves contemplating what outfit they will choose for both themselves and for their four-legged friend. The endless amount of possibilities can be overwhelming, but not to worry! We have you covered. Let’s dive into our top 13 DIY pet costumes (plus a dozen accessory ideas) that are sure to turn heads.

dog halloween costume

What Are DIY Dog Halloween Costumes

First things first, what exactly does a DIY costume entail? DIY stands for do it yourself, but don’t let this scare you away. You don’t have to be a Pinterest mastermind in order to make an adorable costume for your pup. Sure, a quick google or Amazon search will take you to a slew of costumes that are already made. For some pet owners, this will suffice. For others, we have step-by-step instructions that will easily create a custom costume that is perfect for your furry friend.

1. Beanie Baby

Dog Halloween Costumes - TY Beanie Baby

Our first DIY Halloween costume will resonate with most pet owners, young and old. Beanie babies were a massive craze and still are for many people who collect the timeless plush stuffed animals. This Halloween, you may want to recreate the adorable fuzzy toys in your own live action version.

Here’s how to create your very own Beanie Baby:

  • First, simply print out the TY heart template* in whatever size you think is appropriate for your pup.
  • Next, grab a nice piece of cardboard and glue the heart to the piece of cardboard.
  • Then, cut around the pasted heart in order to give the tag a sturdy back.
  • Next, you’ll want to puncture a hole in the top corner of the tag. You can use either a pencil or pen or carefully use an Exacto knife.
  • Finally, use a fun ribbon or lace to thread through the hole and tie the tag onto your dog’s collar.

As simple as that, you now have your very own beanie baby, a favorited throwback that is sure to make everyone ooh and ahh. P.S. This is an adorable idea for dogs and cats of all sizes!

*We’ve included a TY template that you can print out below


2. Dog Pokemon

dog halloween costume - pokeball costume

Speaking of throwbacks, Pokemon characters are always a popular choice when it comes to dressing up our beloved pooch. A fairly simple DIY option is the Pokeball.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Red felt
  • Black felt
  • White felt
  • Velcro
  • Sharp scissors
  • Marker for outlining
  • Super glue or a glue gun if you’re being very careful

Directions on how to create your Pokeball:

The Pokeball is going to wrap around your dog’s midsection, so plan your felt sizes accordingly!

  • First, cut out a large circle of any color felt. Whichever color you choose you’ll need slightly more of. The circle should fit like a turtle’s shell on your dog’s back.
  • Next, cut out two half circles, one in red and one in black.
  • Then, glue the red half circle to the top of the full circle base and the white circle onto the bottom portion of the base.
  • Trim any excess felt in order to make a perfect circle for your Pokeball.
  • Next, you’ll need to use your black felt and white felt to cut out two small circles. You black circle should be slightly large than the white circle.
  • Then, paste the white circle on top of the black circle and paste them both onto the center of your Pokeball.
  • Finally, cut out two thick strips of black felt. These will serve as the straps to secure the Pokeball onto your dog’s back.
  • Glue one strap to either side of the Pokeball. Before cutting, measure it on your dogs back to ensure that it is secure but not too tight.
  • Last but not least, apply strips of velcro to each end of the black felt straps.

In no time at all, you’ve got yourself an adorable Pokeball! For pet owners who are more crafty, we encourage you to explore the world of DIY Pikachu or Charmander. However, for new do-it-yourself-ers, we recommend the Pokeball.

3. Lion Halloween Costumes

dog halloween costume - lion costume

Another classic dog Halloween costume is the lion. This option is super easy and great for a new DIY-er. This is also a good idea for dogs that are living in areas of the country where Halloween temperatures are still on the warmer side as the mane is merely a headpiece and not a full body costume.

In order to make a lion mane, simply:

  • Purchase $10 Wolfman mask from Target
  • Next, unstitch the hair (your lion’s mane) from the latex mask with either a knife or scissors
  • Then, grab an extra collar (you can purchase a cheap one from your local pet store) and stitch the hair to the collar using a basic sewing kit.
  • Next, attach velcro underneath the neck area. This will ensure that the lion mane stays in place.
  • Finally, attach an elastic band under the chin to keep the lion mane from sliding behind the ears.

Before you know it, you’ve created a perfect lion to go trick or treating with. This is also a great idea if you want to dress up as Dorothy! Additionally, for easy going dogs, pet parents can use any excess fur to make little cuffs to go around their dog’s feet! (*Most dogs are sensitive when it comes to their feet so don’t push the issue if your dog isn’t into it)

4. Funny Skeleton

dog halloween costume - funny skeleton costume

One of the easiest Halloween costume ideas requires no outfit at all. Simply purchase some lead/dye free, non-toxic body paint (they make a specialized paint for pets) and create an adorable, funny skeleton.

This is a great option if your pup isn’t used to being dressed up. This should be a holiday that we all love, not one that your dog dreads. If your dog really doesn’t like the idea of being dressed up, a funny skeleton might be the best way to go. Many companies also make pet-approved glow in the dark body paint that will turn your skeleton into a night-time sensation as soon as the sun goes down.

5. “Hairy” Potter

dog halloween costume - harry potter costume

Another classic costume pays homage to a character that we all know and love… but with a twist. Meet “Hairy Potter,” a pet costume that is sure to gain all the attention it deserves.

In order to create your very own furry wizard, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A tie made for dogs (choose one based on your pup’s size)
  • Small costume glasses (either made for kids or made for dogs)
  • Lead-free, nontoxic black body paint (or a lead-free, nontoxic black marker) for dogs

This costume is pretty self-explanatory. Simply put the tie and glasses on your beloved pup and use the pet-approved black marker or body paint to make Hairy’s forehead scar.

“Hairy” Potter is sure to be a quick and easy fix for Halloween night.

6. Ghost Dog Costume

dog halloween costume - ghost dog costume

Speaking of easy, the classic ghost dog costume is one that everyone knows and loves. Many pet parents also like the idea of not shelling out the big bucks on one night, making the ghost costume a great choice.

Follow these simple instructions to make your very own spooky ghost:

  • First, place a sheet over your pup’s head and make sure that it is positioned so that it falls evenly around them.
  • Then, mark where the sheet hits the ground (it should be right above their feet so it doesn’t drag or make your pup trip).
  • Additionally, with a pen, mark where your dog’s ears, eyes, nose, and neck are.
  • Next, take the sheet off and cut the marked areas.
  • Lastly, if your dog is going to be a walking ghost, we recommend using a basic sewing kit to sew a neckband inside the fabric so it will stay in place for trick or treating.

The ghost costume is super cute for pictures or a Halloween party, but don’t be shocked if Fido isn’t completely into the idea of limited eyesight and being in a sheet all night. With all new costumes, it may be a good idea to try the outfit on a few days prior to see how your dog will react to it.

7. Loofah Costume

dog halloween costume - loofah costume

You’ve likely seen the loofah costume circling the internet over the years. It’s absolutely adorable.

In order to recreate your own DIY loofah, follow these simple directions:

  • First, purchase a toddler’s shirt and cut it to fit your dog.
  • Next, take the shirt off of your dog and use a hot glue gun to glue approximately 12 yards of toule to it (this amount will vary depending on the size of your dog).
  • Then, take a rubber ducky and approximately 1/2 yard of cord and glue it onto the appropriate places of the loofah.

As easy as that, you’ll create a fluffy loofah that will be sure to get attention on Halloween night.

8. Dog Spider Costume

dog halloween costume - spider costume

We love the idea of dogs dressing up as other animals on Halloween and what is more appropriate than a creepy spider?

In order to create a spider Halloween costume, here’s what you’ll need:

  • A basic sewing kit
  • 36-inch black felt
  • Cotton filling
  • A knitting needle
  • A black dog t-shirt

Directions for your dog spider costume:

  • First, cut two circular spider body pieces from the black felt.
  • Then, create the legs of the spider by cutting two pieces of felt in the shape of spider legs.
  • Next, secure the two pieces together with pins and sew them together leaving a hole at the top for stuffing.
  • Then, stuff them tightly with filling. It’s helpful to use the knitting needle to make sure the legs are fully stuffed.
  • Next, sew the body pieces together leaving a small opening.
  • Then, stuff the body and sew the opening closed.
  • Sew the stuffed legs on each side of the body to create a spider.
  • Once the spider is complete, sew the back of the shirt onto the bottom of the spider body.
  • For extra stability, owners can sew along the contour of the body to ensure it stays in place.

Heads up! The dog spider costume is one for the slightly more crafty as it involves a fair amount of basic sewing. However, if you aren’t in a rush, the spider costume makes for a great option.

9. Devil Costume

dog halloween costume - devil costume

Is your pup a little devil? This Halloween you may want to dress your dog up as their truest self. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Devil ears headband
  • Devil tail
  • Red t-shirt for dogs or toddlers

This is one of our easiest options and is pretty self-explanatory. All you’ll need to do is sew the pre-bought devil tail onto the fitted red t-shirt, throw on the ears, and you’re all set! You’ll be able to find the devil headpiece and tail at most any party store.

10. Mummy

dog halloween costume - mummy costume

Creating a spooky mummy straight out of the Egyptian tombs, simply purchase a roll of gauze and go to town! Careful not to wrap too tightly and avoid places like your dog’s bottom, nose, eyes, and mouth. Instead of gauze, pet parents can also shred an old, white t-shirt to wrap their dog in.

11. Starbucks Latte

dog halloween costume - starbucks costume

We love pet costumes that are relatable and most of us love a good cup of coffee. If you have a toy dog or small breed dog, dressing them up as a Starbucks coffee is an easy and adorable idea.

Follow these simple tips for creating your very own latte: 

  • Simply head to your local Starbucks and ask for a few hot drink sleeves.
  • Next, cut the sleeves at their seams and measure out how many you will need to fit around your dog’s midsection.
  • Use a hot glue gun to glue the sleeves together, making sure the outfit won’t be too tight for Fido.

12. Ballerina

dog halloween costume - ballerina costume

Similar to the loofah idea, a ballerina is a great costume for dogs who don’t love the idea of having something on their heads.

  • Simply purchase a light pink t-shirt and cut it so it only wraps around your dog’s trunk.
  • Then, glue light pink toule all around the t-shirt to make the tutu.

Your prima ballerina is ready for Halloween night!

13. Scooby Doo – For the Dog Who Is Anti-Costume

Dog Halloween Costumes - Scooby Doo & The Gang

Finally, the perfect Halloween costume for the dog who is anti-costume… No costume at all! (You read that right) As we said, Halloween night should be an evening enjoyed by all, not something that your dog sees as a form of punishment. If your dog truly hates the idea of being dressed up, don’t force it! Instead, you do the dressing up! Scooby-Doo and co. is a great example as to how your pup can still enjoy the evening with their beloved owner but not face the anxiety of a full-blown costume.

Accessories = Super Quick DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

Finally, we know that even the most easy going dog may not opt for a total transformation. That’s where small accessories come into play!

Capes = Easy DIY Fun

A simple cape, either homemade or store-bought can make for an easy superhero, a vampire, or even Little Red Riding Hood.

Head Pieces

Additionally, headpieces such as ears or hats make for an easy outfit for a last minute costume party. Pet owners may opt for purchasing headpieces such as unicorn horns or bunny ears. Even a simple witch hat can prove to be a great costume, particularly if you choose to dress in the same theme.

Speaking of which, what’s cuter than a dog Halloween costume? One that matches yours! Perhaps you’ve always wanted to be Elsa from Frozen. Purchasing an antler headpiece will transform Fido into Sven in no time at all!

DIY Costumes for a Large Dog Vs a Small Dog

Finally, we want to mention that some of the aforementioned costumes are geared towards either small dogs or large dogs, i.e. it would take way too much Starbucks sleeves to make yourself a Great Dane latte. However, with that being said, dogs of all sizes can enjoy a fun DIY costume. Just make sure you buy enough materials to fit your dog’s size. Again, don’t force anything! If your dog wants to stay home and enjoy the night from the comfort of the couch, that’s fine too!

Trick or Treaters: No Treat For Your Dog

Speaking of opting to stay home, constant doorbell ringing can be an absolute nightmare for dogs and their owners alike. With the nonstop commotion, some dogs are more prone to get spooked and make a run for the first door. On Halloween night (and every night for that matter) this is the absolute last thing a pet parent wants. But don’t worry, there are ways to help keep your dog calm and safe this Halloween night.

CBD Promotes Relaxation

If you enjoy staying up to date on the latest and greatest trends in holistic wellness, you’ve likely heard of CBD for dogs. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD is an all-natural way to promote relaxation and a calm demeanor in your pup during stressful events (like Halloween).

On Halloween night, your dog won’t be the only one having a savory treat, pet parents may want to consider purchasing Calming CBD dog treats. The peanut butter flavored treats are made with 100% Pure Full Spectrum CBD Oil and contain only the best, all-natural ingredients.

Recommended Dosage:

  • Dogs under 10lbs: 1treat daily (5 mg)
  • 10-25lbs: 2 treats daily (10 mg)
  • 26-50lbs: 3 treats daily (15 mg)
  • Over 50lbs: 4 treats daily (20 mg)

* Approximately 20 treats per bag

* THC-Free

For dogs that prefer the taste of a meaty treat, we recommend the poultry flavored Calm Aid CBD Soft Chews.

The soft chews are a special, proprietary blend of CBD and additional calming ingredients L-Theanine and Tryptophan (the same ingredient found in turkey meat that makes us tired after a Thanksgiving feast).

Recommended Dosage:

  • Dogs from 5-25lbs: 1/2 chew daily
  • 26-50lbs: 1 chew daily
  • 51-75: 2 chews daily
  • Over 75lbs: 3 chews daily

* Soft chews per container: 30

* Each soft chew contains 8.3 mg of CBD

* THC-Free

Dog Halloween Costumes: The Bottom Line

At the end of the day, we know that your dog means the world to you. It only makes sense that you want to experience all the fun that life has to offer with your beloved four-legged friend and that includes Halloween. Whatever costume you choose, make sure your pup is safe and happy. We hope this article served as a little inspo for one of our favorite holidays!

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