Global Pet Expo: Your 2019 Recap

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 8, 2019

Each year, representatives from 1000+ companies attend the Global Pet Expo Trade Show held in Orlando, Florida. This is a great opportunity for companies to showcase their latest and greatest products for pets.

In 2018, for instance, Global Pet Expo displayed 270 1st time exhibiting companies, more than 3,000 product launches, and 16 football fields’ worth of pet products (according to data released by Global Pet Expo after the event).

The annual trade show is presented by the American Pet Products Association and Pet Industry Distributors Association. It is also the largest in the pet industry.

In 2019, results were just as remarkable as they were in 2018. The Executive Vice President and Chief Operations Officer of American Pet Products Association announced that the event sold a record number of booths. And it was the largest Global Pet Expo to date.

Around 1,164 exhibitors attended the event from March 20th – 22nd to showcase their products. Others had the opportunity to promote their brands and develop key industry relationships with other exhibitors and distributors.

On the show floor, family-owned businesses, co-manufacturers, and large companies alike offered pet treats and food. The overall industry and several key trends influenced these treats, including:

  • Limited ingredients and high protein diets
  • Regionally inspired formulas
  • An increased variety of cat treats and food
  • Enhanced mealtime experiences for dogs and cats
  • And most importantly, the boom in CBD pet supplements

High enthusiasm and energy also marked this year’s Global Pet Expo event as more exhibitors and attendees emerged than ever before. New networking, as well as educational opportunities coupled with an increased social network’s engagement, created an endless buzz on the show floor.

Thanks to the show employing the latest trends in an effort to reach thousands of users, social media engagement was also at an all-time high as well. Compared to 2018, more individuals in 2019 were hashtagging, mentioning, and retweeting topics relating to Global Pet Expo 2019 on Twitter.

On Instagram, people used the #GlobalPetExpo hashtag more than 15,000 times. Global Pet Expo also availed the rising popularity of Instagram stories by posting their own stories. Hundreds of people and distributors from around the world also mentioned the trade show in their stories.

On Facebook Live, Global Pet Expo attained more than 1,000 views and more than 5,000 Snapchat users saw the event’s Snapchat filter.

These figures prove the 2019 Global Pet Expo was a great event within, and outside the industry.

Better yet, Honest Paws was in attendance and people took notice.

As a leading CBD manufacturer, specializing in animal health and pet care, Honest Paws tries its best to attend most, if not all major pet health or pet care conferences. Each event for us is an amazing opportunity to learn, observe, gather, network, and meet with our competitors. This further allows us to craft top-quality products and provide our customers and retailers with the utmost value.

In short, Honest Paws loves to stay on top of its game.

That said, as expected, this year’s Global Pet Expo did not disappoint. With thousands of pet store owners from all around the world meeting at the Orlando Convention Center, there was a lot for those in attendance to absorb and see.

Our Three Key Observations at the Event

  1. The CBD for pets craze is all over!

The CBD oils craze is as real as it gets and it has completely overtaken the international pet industry. The stigma seems to have diminished as people of all different backgrounds stopped by for samples. The vast majority of people were thrilled to learn that CBD is not only effective but 100% safe and legal!

After all, as long as a company abides by the recommendations and certification procedure of the National Animal Supplement Council, they can use CBD in their pet products.

Even better, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration recently approved the cultivation of hemp crops.

We expected the CBD for pets craze, given how much we all love our pets. However, the gracious reception at Global Pet Expo was more than we expected. However, given the CBD craze, it makes sense…

After all, more and more people are putting off having children and instead, adopting fur babies instead. With that in mind, it’s no surprise that pets are now considered members of the family. Long gone are the days where you stuck a pet in the backyard and fed it once a day. Instead, people are now treating their pets like their children. This is especially true when it comes to addressing their health complications.

Sparked by the success of CBD for humans (children and adults alike), more pet owners are picking CBD oils in an effort to cure their furbabies as well.

Do you have an old dog or cat that keeps dragging because of his/her aching joints? Or perhaps you have a hyper cat or puppy that just won’t relax no matter what you try? Both are situations where CBD products will come in handy.

  1. Your Pet Store Buyers Want Sustainability

More and more CBD oil customers are seeking sustainable ingredients, processes, and practices in the products they buy. This is particularly true for millennials, who are currently the largest pet owning demographic in the United States.

Most importantly, unlike in the past, more people today are willing to pay a little bit more for sustainable goods.

The good news is, leading pet treat brands, such as Honest Paws, are responding to this demand. We are going beyond the lip service and integrating sustainability into most of our products, processes, and packaging.

Honest Paws also uses material and technology that ensures secure, safe, and shelf stable (yet highly sustainable) packaging.

  1. Cats Are Also Feeling The Love

In regards to cats, the number of new CBD cat innovations and products keeps increasing with each trade show we attend.

In the past, most pet food firms only focused their product development on dogs. But as people trend toward owning smaller dogs, pet food marketers are turning to the cat market as a practical opportunity.

As mentioned in the beginning, Honest Paws loves staying on top of the CBD for Pets industry. With that in mind, we started taking CBD for cats seriously long ago. In fact, we currently rank #1 on Google for “CBD Oil for Dogs” and “CBD for Cats.”

We are also the most searched CBD brand by name when it comes to CBD products for dogs and cats.

Honest Paws Stole the Show at the Global Pet Expo Event

Honest Paws showcased its innovative animal health and wellness products at the 2019 Global Pet Expo in Orlando. Better yet, Honest Paw’s product line is a first of its kind. It features 100% all-natural CBD oil based solutions for dogs and cats.

Better yet, all our products are Hemp-derived, soy-free, non-GMO, all-natural, CO2 extracted, are lab tested by a third-party to ensure quality and safety, and abide by FDA labeling requirements. Our company also puts a huge emphasis on education.

Visit the blog section of our site and you will find the widest variety of educational content, designed to help you pick the best products for your pet store. And to make the best health choices for your pet. Our first priority is to provide value to our retailers and customers by providing a top-notch product, phenomenal customer support, and through education.

Honest Paw’s products are great for all types of dogs and cats, regardless of type, size, or age. Our product line offers your customers an easy way to support their pet’s mood in a non-toxic and non-invasive way. All these features grouped together made Honest Paws the go-to CBD brand at the trade show.

Our company has also seen consistent growth in the distribution and marketing of our products. We sell to pet owners in all 50 states as well as to the international market as well.

Additionally, multiple influencers have successfully promoted Honest Paws on social networks. This formula is part of our winning 2019 strategy.

As of 2019, Honest Paws intends to focus on research, development, and multinational marketing of our hemp extracts. They all boast a wide array of natural hemp derivatives and cannabinoids that can help pet owners around the world.

Honest Paw’s team consists of natural product experts and hemp industry pioneers. We also work with professionals dedicated to creating the purest and finest CBD products.

The Competitive Realm of CBD for Pets Continues To Grow

According to a report released by Technavio, we expect the global pet care industry to grow by a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 5 percent from 2016 to 2020. The report also cited natural pet products and organic pet foods (like those produced by Honest Paws) as key drivers of growth in the industry.

To conclude, do not take my word for it. Check out the embedded video at the start of this article and see for yourself what retailers thought about CBD for pets at the Global Pet Expo. It is a skyrocketing sector, and your pet store doesn’t want to remain behind.

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