High Fiber Dog Food: Reasons, Types, and Tips

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / December 22, 2017

High Fiber Dog Food? Yes!high giber dog food

Whether your dog is struggling with health problems or needing to loose some weight, high fiber dog food may be the answer!

The best sources of nutrients rich dietary fiber can not only be found in store-bought pet food formulas and supplements, but also in natural foods. So, don’t fret if you run out of pet food – just invite your pup to the table to share a meal of a vitamin filled high in fiber homemade dog food recipe with pumpkin, sweet potatoes, and other high dietary fiber delights that grow in the garden.

Understanding soluble fiber and insoluble fiber options are important when seeking to add it to the doggie’s diet. Be informed about nutrients for how exactly to add good sources of dietary fiber for dogs, including reasons that will help improve the fur babies’ health.

The Case For High Fiber Dog Food

Some dogs will eat anything while others can be particularly finicky when it comes to cuisine. Changing the pooch’s meals to a high fiber diet can often be as difficult as attempting to get your child to eat vegetables. With one sniff of a new high in fiber pet food, many dogs will know instantly that their dinner menu has been changed.

By manipulating the situation, you can transition your pup to enjoy a new diet filled with the best sources of insoluble fiber and soluble fiber in a fresh high in fiber vitamin and nutrients filled pet food diet.

Health Benefits of Fiber

The number one reason to make sure that your dog has a high-fiber food diet filled with the best dietary fiber foods is to maintain health. High fiber pet food can help to keep your fur babies’ bowels regular, reduce the possibility of colon cancer, maintain healthy blood glucose and blood sugar to stave off diabetes, and aid in weight loss.

Feeding a pet food diet rich in dietary fiber, such as vegetables, for dogs can prevent constipation and diarrhea. The soluble fiber and insoluble fiber works to soak moisture into the doggy poop. When the moisture is absorbed from outside the colon it helps prevent constipation. Fiber soaking in moisture inside the colon regulates diarrhea issues.

As the best sources for dietary fiber work in the colon to regulate the bowl, they are also working to aid the colon to push the new pet food through the system quicker. The high in fiber diet not only helps prevent constipation but, during the digestion process, this helps to protect the colon wall and the digestive tract from elements that could produce cancer.

Working to absorb water, high dietary fiber pet food is also an excellent way to put the doggy on a weight loss diet to help your pooch lose a few pounds. Your dog will feel fuller faster as the fiber works to water down food. It is the same principle of a human drinking water before a meal to keep caloric intake down.

Transitioning to High Fiber Dog Food

high fiber dog food

When seeking to get your pet to move to a new high-fiber food diet the first thing to do is evaluate what your dog has been consuming. If introducing a new high in fiber dog food, then do it gradually by mixing the high-quality dog food with the pup’s existing food. Every meal add a bit more until you have transitioned completely to the new pet food diet.

Many dog foods already contain the required amount of dietary fiber. Adding more fiber as a supplement to existing dog food can be a great way to change your pooch’s diet without the pup snubbing the high-quality dog food with new nutrients rich ingredients. When doing this, it is important to know your choices such as – what are the best sources of dietary fiber to add; what foods have fiber that can be added to dog food; and what is the best fiber supplement option.

Best Sources of Fiber for Dogs

High fiber dog food does not necessarily have to be a store-bought brand of designer pet food. The best sources of dietary fiber can be found in the produce aisle. Fruits and vegetables are wonderful ingredients to add to the dog’s diet to increase fiber intake.

In addition to fresh produce are canned varieties. Ask – can dogs eat pumpkin – and the answer is that canned pumpkin for dogs is one of the best options for adding a good source of nutrients rich dietary fiber to the furry one’s diet.

Not into the mess of mashing vegetables and fruit into the doggy dish, then mix in a favored best fiber supplement commonly found in the laxative aisle. Your pup will have healthy regular bowels while maintaining a healthy weight.

Low-Fat Diet Dog Food

When seeking to put your dog on a weight loss low-fat diet, including a low-carb diet, you will notice that a high-quality low fat dog food will also emphasize rich in dietary fiber. These foods utilize the fiber as an ingredient to aid in making your dog feel fuller faster to curb excess food intake.

Grain free diets are often incorporated into a low-carb diet. Feeding grain free often helps with ridding the dog of allergies while helping to maintain weight and health. Low-fat diet dog food is often used for senior animals who are not as active as they once were, thus, requiring reduced calories.

Supplements like d-calcium pantothenate and thiamine mononitrate help in reducing weight by breaking down carbohydrates and fats into energy. Before adding additional supplements to your pet food be careful to consult with the veterinarian first.

Foods High in Fiber

With so many choices on the market, figuring out how to add fiber to your dog’s diet can be daunting. Do you want the simplicity of pouring from a dry food bag or will your fur baby enjoy some pumpkin for extra taste? It is okay to try several different options before making the final decision.

High Fiber Dog Food Brands

Trying a new wet or dry dog food that is high in dietary fiber and lower in protein can be an excellent and easy choice. Using a dog food brand is a great option for those who rely on pet sitters as all they will need to do is open a can or a dry dog food bag to feed the pup. When looking for a high fiber dog food a good place to start is to ask your vet.

Your pet’s doctor may place the pup on a prescription diet or will be able to recommend a brand based on your dog’s health and needs. Brands to consider are Royal Canin, Nutro dog food, and Hill Prescription Diet. Nutro dog food made for weight loss mixes in whole brown rice for a high fiber formula filled with nutrients.

In order to purchase a food high in fiber learn to read dog food ingredients to understand which foods are the best fiber foods compared to others. Common brands will usually contain 2-4 percent fiber, whereas a prescription diet high fiber dog food will be made up of 6-10 percent fiber and emphasize less protein and a low-carb diet. Many high-fiber food choices contain more real fruits and vegetables along with meat.

What Foods Have Fiber

Think vegetarian when looking for what ingredients with dietary fiber. Just as the high in fiber dog food brands have added produce to increase fiber content, you will want to seek out fruits and vegetables to mix in with your dog’s diet to make a homemade dog food. Bananas, apples, peaches, carrots, avocados, tomatoes, pumpkin, green vegetables, beet pulp, and sweet potatoes all make for best sources of fiber for dogs.

Test with a small serving to watch for allergies and sensitivities. Top recommended fiber-rich foods are sweet potatoes, green beans, and canned pumpkin for dogs.

Sweet Potatoes for Dogs

high fiber dog food sweet potato

When asked – Are sweet potatoes good for dogs – the answer is a huge yes. These delights are very high in fiber. There is over 3-grams of fiber in just one medium-sized sweet potato. Clean the whole potato and then prick through the skin several times with a fork. Place on a paper towel to cook the potato in the microwave for 8-10 minutes, turning once halfway through.

Cut the cooked potato in half, scoop out the inside, and throw the skin away. Mash with fork and let cool. Mix 1-3 Tablespoons of the mashed sweet potato with your dog’s meal.

Green Beans for Dogs

high fiber dog food green beans

Green beans are great vegetables as a supplement that is high in fiber. Steam fresh green beans or grab a package of steamers from the frozen food aisle. Once the green beans are totally cooled then chop them up to blend them with the doggie’s dinner.

Canned Pumpkin for Dogs

Canned pumpkin is an excellent and very easy way to add fiber to the pooch’s diet. Make sure to purchase real canned pumpkin and not the pumpkin pie mix. The amount of pumpkin depends on the dog’s size. A small dog should have only about one teaspoon mixed into food. A dog exceeding 50 pounds can have 1/4 cup mixed into a meal.

Fiber Supplements For Dogs

Just like humans, our pups experience constipation. When all else fails, your dog will easily have a better bowel movement after ingesting an extra dose of fiber.

The best fiber supplement for the pup is the very same we buy for ourselves. Laxatives like Miralax are clear and tasteless so can easily be mixed into food. Supplements, such as Metamucil, require a lot of water to work. Be sure to mix with water when adding to food.

You can even mix ingredients like bran flakes cereal or brown rice, to add as an extra fiber supplement to be mashed in with the doggie’s meal. Be careful to consult with your veterinarian as to exact dosages for extra fiber supplements.

High Fiber Dog Food for Continued Good Health

high fiber dog food

If you want your dog to live a healthy life, consider high fiber dog food! High fiber dog food helps in weight loss and reduces health risks such as colon cancer. Not to mention, it will keep your dog in great shape. Pet food high in fiber for dogs certainly can be an important aid for healthy living and behavior.

Be sure to feed your pet only the suggested amounts of dietary fiber. Lastly, consult with your vet before making drastic changes to your furry one’s diet.












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