Honest Paws Retail Success Interview

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / May 20, 2019

1. How did you decide to carry CBD?

SPS: We decided to carry CBD after quite a few customers inquired about it a year ago. I have used and sold CBD in the past at a former business. However, when we opened this store (in a more rural town), we were not sure how receptive people would be initially. 

PS: A sales rep from a competing company came into the store and introduced them to CBD, started stocking right after.

2. How has carrying CBD impacted your business?

SPS: Carrying just any CBD on its own does not have a major impact, in fact, it can negatively affect your store if the CBD does not work as claimed. When people spend $30 – $70 on a 1oz bottle, they expect to see results.
I’ve carried brands in the past that just did not work (Pet Relief, Hemp Well). It’s not a good feeling when a regular customer tries something at $70 and it has no effect on their animal. We lose credibility with that customer.
Honest Paws is the first CBD product I have seen work, not only myself, but my customers say it as well. Honest Paws has been a total game changer for us in the CBD market and I can tell were becoming the go-to place for CBD in the area.
PS: It has had a positive impact. People are coming in more frequently and more people are searching for solutions to pet ailments.

3. Any stories you’d like to share about how CBD has helped your customers?

SPS: I’ve heard multiple stories from customers about Honest Paws actually relieving anxiety and calming their animal. We have quite a few people that use it for injuries in their dog, whether it be a torn ligament or recovery from surgery.

FPB: Yes, the owner’s story. She said before getting Honest Paws, her wire-haired dog was diagnosed with arthritis. She had been giving him glucosamine and anti-inflammatory supplements his whole life.
She started adding Honest Paws Joint Support Soft Chews and she said he’s doing great. She also thinks we have a good price point.

4. What are some of the most common questions you receive from customers about CBD?

SPS: The #1 question we receive from customers is of course, “does it get your dog stoned”. There is a bit of monotony explaining it’s from hemp and nonpsychoactive to almost everyone. 
PS: Does it get the dog high? Is it marijuana?  Can my dog OD on it?  How much do you dose?

5. Why did you decide to partner with Honest Paws in particular?

SPS: We decided to partner with Honest Paws after a cold call from our now rep, Angel. She is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and a great representative to work with. We would have no idea Honest Paws existed without Angel and we are extremely glad we took her call considering the other products on the market have not worked for us. 
PS: Our sales rep. Have a long-term relationship.  Convinced us to try out something new.  Brought in the peanut butter and coconut oil.

6. How is the overall experience partnering with Honest Paws?

SPS: So far the overall experience has been great, as I said in previously Angel has been great. She makes ordering a breeze and has supplied us with plenty of marketing material and information to develop the line.
FPB: Good – no issues. Honest Paws has been good to work with and helped with rep giving a great ISO.

7. Anything else you’d like to share?

SPS: The only other thing I would share is that we appreciate Honest Paws protecting your prices online. Hopefully, you guys can keep that up, very important for our success with your product.
After selling and using so many different products, I am convinced full spectrum CBD oil has the greatest impact. The oils using CBD isolate seem to have little to no effect, regardless of the potency.
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