How to Groom a Dog with Long Hair

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / August 28, 2019

Without a doubt, dogs with long hair look beautiful irrespective of their breed or combination. However, these dogs need proper grooming to maintain their attractive appearance. On the other hand, if you leave them unattended for a while; they will start to look dirty and messy. Grooming not only gives your dog good looks but also avoids the chances of skin infections and hair loss. But how do you groom a dog with long hair?

To assist you in this regard, here is the step-by-step guide, which will allow you to learn the proper procedure of grooming your long-haired dog.

Why Groom your Long Haired Dog

Besides adding a perfect look to your long-haired dog, grooming also helps to keep your dog clean and healthy. In fact, dogs love the way you brush their hair and take care of them. It helps to strengthen the bond between you are your dog.

Giving proper attention to your dog is essential to encourage the positive behavior of a dog and helps them to learn good habits.More specifically, long-haired dogs require frequent grooming. By starting it early, you can get them used to being groomed without any hassle.

Proper, grooming ensures the removal of tangles and knots before turning these issues into big problems.

How to Groom

Initially, some dogs may be resistant to grooming. Try to keep the grooming sessions short to lower the chances of frustrating the dog. Here are the steps that you can follow when grooming your long-haired dog.

Give your dog a proper bath

Although it isn’t an easy task to give your long-haired dog a bath, it is the essential first step of grooming. It makes their hair more manageable and clean fur is easier to handle. When bathing your dog, make sure to keep their hair free from tangles.

The best way to do it is to start the bathing process from top to bottom. When you pour water from the top and apply shampoo, it straightens up all the hair in one direction. Use your fingers gently while shampooing and clean any debris from the hair.

Using a conditioner after shampooing your dog is a great way to minimize the hassle of managing the long hair. Rinse your dog thoroughly to remove all the shampoo and conditioner.

Dry the hair

Always use a soft and absorbent towel to soak up the water from your dog’s hair. If possible, keep the towel wrapped around the dog for a while. Afterward, take your dog to an open place and let them shake their hair and remove the remaining water.

If it’s cold outside, use hot air blower for drying your dog quickly. Also, allowing your dog to sit beside a heater helps to get the hair dried. Typically, it takes two to three hours to dry a long-haired dog completely.

Trim the hair

Trimming is an essential part of your dog’s grooming. It involves using clippers to trim the rough hair and those growing around the toe-pads. It also promotes healthy growth of the hair and makes them look more soft and shiny. Furthermore, you must also clip the sharp edges of your dog’s toenails by using a dog nail clipper.

Offer gentle brushing

By offering regular brushing, you can prevent matting by clearing the tangles. When done consistently, it keeps the hair in good condition. Gentle brushing invigorates the dog’s skin and removes any debris that is still located deep in the long hair.

A rotating comb or a pin brush is the right tool for this job. Before you start combing, make sure to wear half sleeves to prevent the chance of getting dog hair all over you. Allow the dog to lie down on one side when brushing. To brush the hair on the chest of your dog, turn them on their back.

Do some fluffing

In the end, fluff the hair to make it more presentable. Before fluffing the hair, make sure that the hair is adequately brushed. It will keep your dog’s hair tangle-free and give them a bouncy look. Fluffing involves brushing the hair from the bottom to the top.

Once you are done with brushing in the opposite direction, start brushing down the legs. With this, your long-haired dog is ready to steal the show.


Grooming your dog is essential to keep them looking neat and tidy. Besides, it also ensures the good health of your dog’s skin and hair. Typically, people think that grooming is necessary only for the long-haired dog, which isn’t true. Taking care of your dog is equally important whether you own a long- or short-hair dog.

However, a dog with long hair needs special attention when it comes to grooming their coat. To make the grooming process easy and to keep your dog’s hair in perfect condition, make sure to groom your dog at least once in a week. They will thank you for it.

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