How To Increase Sales in Pet Stores in 2019

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / March 6, 2019

Having a strategy for how to increase sales is imperative for any small business model. And I know, a sales team could make or break a company’s profit in many ways. But you do not want to ignore how the rest of your pet store can aid in increasing sales too.

With that in mind, Honest Paws has decided to help you out on your sales endeavors. The team behind our sales success has created this list of ways your pet store can boost its sales. It is an evolving, competitive market, and we do not want you to miss the opportunities.

Better yet, other types of stores that sell CBD can also benefit from this post. Regardless of whether they sell CBD products to baby boomers, women, medical patients, or weekend warriors.

Without further delay, let us skip to the main section of the post.

Educate Your In-House Staff

This is the first thing you should focus on if your goal is increasing sales for any business type. It may sound obvious to you, but lots of pet stores and dispensaries get it wrong or skip it altogether. It is also the best and most ethical way to successfully market and sell CBD products.

Ensure your store maintains a high focus on internal education regarding the CBD products you sell and how they work. This, in turn, allows the sales team to identify customers who can benefit from the products. Sometimes, a customer won’t even feel the need to buy because they don’t know whether they need it yet.

Your educated team can then pass along this knowledge to potential clients as customer service. According to a recent study, there was one reason why people who could benefit from CBD didn’t buy the product: a lack of information. They do not know what it is, how it works, or what it does.

Make sure such potential customers get all the information they need from your store’s sales reps. This way, you can be sure they’ll come to your store when they’re ready to buy.

It is also essential to know your merchandise’s terpene profiles. This allows you to link a client’s desired effect or symptom to a specific variety.

Educating all our staff at Honest Paw’s is a task we have taken very seriously. This means if you buy from us, you can be sure anyone from Honest Paws can answer all your questions. When you call, anyone on the other end will be able to answer all your questions.

We also pride ourselves on the quality and affordability of our products. So if you have questions regarding products you would like to buy from Honest Paws, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Identify your target audience

I am going to assume straightaway that you are (or have already) created your buyer personas. If you have not, then your pet store could be in some trouble. And if you have, I challenge you to make even more detailed personas compared to the ones you made.

Have you ever taken a look at the targeting options available when you advertise through a social network like Facebook? If you have, you must’ve seen the astounding granularity with which you can now target users on different social platforms.

Nowadays, advertisers can even target prospects based on the university from which they earned their degree. Or even based off of the square footage of their neighborhood and where they intend to go on vacation.

Of course, this level of specificity could be quite a buzzkill for your potential customers. But the bottom line is, know everything you can about your ideal customers. The more you know, the more likely they are to respond positively to your nicely crafted messaging.

If creating comprehensive buyer personas is not right up your alley, worry not. Honest Paws can help out with that and ensure you’re advertising to the right potential customers. We know our demographic like the back of our hands and are happy to share that information with our retailers.

Be Honest with your Potential Customers

The rule of thumb is, a small business cannot succeed if it does not build customer relationships based on trust. In fact, companies lose hundreds of millions of sales each year because of failure to create a deeper connection with their prospective customers.

How can you build trust with your store’s prospects? Well, it’s simple. Just ensure you’re honest with them at all times. Honesty is the core of customer service.

For instance, CBD products (like those offered in capsule form or dropper bottles) retail in a wide array of concentrations. Manufacturing companies like Honest Paws include the amount of CBD a product contains on the packaging. However, not all clients can understand the information.

You’ll notice that some of our product’s concentration are listed in mg, such as 500mg, 250mg, or 1000mg. Other CBD oil products might state the concentration as a % instead; such as 20%, 10%, or 4% cannabidiol (CBD).

Point is, ensure you point out what the different levels mean and how they (customers) can benefit from them.

For instance, CBD oil products with higher doses are expected to have a more noticeable effect. But you should not advise your consumers to start with them. This is certainly information your prospects would like to know. Even if that means they’ll acquire a cheaper product.

Ask your prospects to feed their pets CBD products with a low to moderate dosage of cannabidiol. They can then gradually work their way up to the highest dosages if they need. Being honest ensures they’ll come back to you when they need more CBD.

Honest Paws has also put forth measures that create better relationships between clients and the business. Before you buy our products, we first understand your goals and type of clients you’re selling to. This information allows us to advise you accordingly. It also allows us to help you ensure you buy the right products that align with your consumer’s needs.

Focus on Product Quality

This “how to increase sales” list would be incomplete without this selling tip. Actually, all points I discussed above won’t mean anything if the products you’re selling to people are of inferior quality. A product’s quality is the main competitive marker that affects profitability and purchasing decisions in a business.

So what is product quality in this case?

Quality is what the CBD oil products your store sells can do for customers. We can also define product quality as how well the CBD products will do what people want them to do. And how well they will hold up over time.

As a pet store owner, you cannot afford to ignore your business’ product quality. Primarily because it can affect your small business in multiple ways.

The first thing about your store that product quality will affect is reputation. Needless to say, reputation directly correlates to sales. If word out there is that your products are the best for people, expect to see your gross margin skyrocket.

But if the reputation out there is that your products are just average or inferior, then anticipate the opposite.

The second thing that product quality affects is back-end sales. If the quality is great, customers will come back to buy your CBD products when the need arises. Better yet, such customers will also probably advise other people to get CBD products they need from your pet store.

But if the quality didn’t meet your client’s standards, do not expect people to come back and buy more.

In fact, expect the clients to be sources of the bad repute that may hurt your business.

That said, you do not need to worry about product quality if you buy your merchandise from Honest Paws. We also want our clients predominantly pet stores) to keep coming back to us. Which implies we cannot afford to sell a single product that can hurt our brand awareness or customer service rating.

Try us out, and I guarantee you’ll be hooked forever.

Take Full Advantage of Social Media Marketing and Online Platforms

As I pointed out earlier in this post, you need to know the people you’re targeting. Furthermore, you need to find a way to engage such people if you want to generate sales. Good news for you, social media and online digital marketing can do both of those things. And with the right tools, you can use different online platforms to create opportunities and boost online sales.

Social media platforms also permit pet store owners to know what people are saying about their businesses online. As well as their competitors.

When you decide to avail social media, start by establishing a strong online presence. Create a reliable persona and engage your prospects by joining different online communities where they spend the most time. Also, ensure you establish an online tone that’s unique to your brand.

The point is, people will be willing to buy from you online if you come across as a reliable brand.

That said, there are lots of things that make up a good social media and inbound marketing strategy. These include posting often, connecting & building relationships, using the right platforms, ignoring trolls, and much more.

Honest Paws understands that mastering all these things by yourself can be a hassle. And that is why our team of marketing experts will provide you with what you need to stand out. This dedicated team will also teach you multiple social network marketing tricks that can create opportunities and increase sales.

At Honest Paws, your success is our first priority. Consider partnering with us today by clicking this link.


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