Rescue Remedy for Dogs: An Honest Assessment

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / November 20, 2018
rescue remedy for dogs

Just like humans, dogs have the capability to experience a full range of emotion. Depression, anxiety, fear, happiness, and joy are all common canine feelings. The difference? Dogs cannot verbally articulate when their emotional balance feels out of whack. Dogs can, however, use body language to convey their emotional unrest. So what do you do when your dog suddenly starts greeting you with the cold shoulder? Well, thousands of holistic pet parents have been turning to rescue remedy for dogs.

rescue remedy for dogs

What is Rescue Remedy for Dogs? 

Rescue remedy is a holistic approach to healing emotional and mental troubles with serums derived from flower essences. In 1928, a British surgeon named Dr. Edward Bach began experimenting with plant-based remedies. Fed up with how other doctors focused on the disease, instead of the patient, Dr. Bach turned to alternative remedies. Dr. Bach believed “illness is the effect of disharmony between body and mind”. By treating feelings and personalities, Dr. Bach found he could help his patient’s recovery from a physical disease.

Rescue Remedy – A Real-Life Rescue Story

Despite being diagnosed with cancer and given three months to live in 1917, Dr. Bach worked passionately and tirelessly on his “Rescue Remedies“. Miraculously, his cancer subsided and he lived another nineteen years. With himself as a living example, Dr. Bach confirmed the gravity of mental purpose and bodily healing. With this information, he carefully recorded the emotional and mental states of his patients and developed plant and flower based remedies catered to specific personality types.

Rescue Remedy Ingredients 

There are 38 different rescue remedies, each catered to a different emotion of mental state. Furthermore, the 38 remedies can be combined in hundreds of variations to provide varying results. As you may have guessed, the exact ingredients are unique in each of the 38 remedies. However, most of the serums are composed of a base of vegetable glycerin and water. On top of that, each serum is mixed with its own flower or plant essence based on these seven emotional states:

  1. Loneliness
  2. Fear
  3. Despair of despondency
  4. Uncertainty
  5. Lack of interest in current circumstances
  6. Oversensitivity to outside influences
  7. Overcare for others

Remember, rescue remedies are not designed to treat physical ailments and diseases. Instead, rescue remedies are specifically formulated to restore emotional balance.

Why Use Rescue Remedy for Dogs? 

With the growing interested in holistic pet wellness, more and more homeopathic remedies are on the market than ever before. That being said, many of these products lack testing and long-term evidence of their effects, both positive and negative. Fortunately, Rescue Remedy is an exception to this rule.

rescue remedy for dogs cats and horses

Trusted Track Record

Rescue Remedy has been used on humans and animals for 85 years. Used in birds, horses, humans, cats, and dogs alike, Rescue Remedy has been a trusted product used by pet owners and veterinarians for decades.

No Side Effects

Better yet, rescue remedy for pets is all-natural and chemical-free. The ingredients are so mild in the formula, that even when mixed with a number of essences, there are no side-effects.

Proven Results

Rescue remedy has undoubtedly helped thousands of dogs all over the world with a myriad of emotional issues. Chief amongst them: anxiety. Need to vacuum the house? Weatherman reporting a particularly bad thunderstorm headed your way? Need to take a trip to the V.E.T.? No problem, rescue remedy can help calm your anxious pup.

Rescue Remedy Products 

Like most products out there, rescue remedy comes in a variety of styles, offering you and your dog the chance to find your unique match.

Rescue Remedy Drops

Arguably the most well known canine rescue remedy is the Bach Flower Rescue Remedy for Pets. This special blend is beloved amongst pet owners because it combines several of the flower essences best suited for a myriad of common dog issues. The five essences in the Bach Flower rescue remedy for pets are:

  1. Star of Bethlehem – Aids animals that have experienced recent or past trauma, abuse, or shock. Aids the pet in letting go of the emotional “baggage” as it were.
  2. Rock Rose – Incredibly helpful in stressful situations animals often experience like thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noises, or going to the vet
  3. Cherry Plum – Helps animals control the urge to bark, scratch, or lick themselves too much
  4. Impatiens –  Allows animals to show control and patience in awaiting meals or walks
  5. Clematis – Assists animals in regaining curiosity to their surroundings, helpful for especially lethargic dogs that are sleeping too much

Simply add drops of this formula into your dog’s water dish. Typically, 2-4 drops are ideal. Otherwise, you can mix it with their food or even rub the drops directly onto your dog’s paws or ears.

rescue remedy for dogs

Rescue Remedy Spray Bottle

Perfect for travel, rescue remedy also comes in a useful spray form. You can easily spray one or two pumps directly into your pumps mouth when and if a stressful situation arises unexpectedly.

Individual Essences

Finally, rescue remedies in the originally intended state come in 38 individual essences. Each one has a unique purpose. You can mix them to create the perfect “puptail” for your unique dog.

Rescue Remedy for Dogs vs. CBD Oil for Dogs 

If you keep up with herbal medicine, you have more than likely heard of CBD oil. This so-called “miracle” herb has been the talk of the proverbial homeopathic wellness town. Derived from the hemp plant, CBD oil has proven benefits for humans and dogs alike. When compared to rescue remedy, CBD oil boasts undeniably more alluring benefits. Furthermore, there is more research proving the benefits of CBD oil. While boasting an impressive 85-year run, research is still lacking in the world of flower essence benefits for dogs. So, what exactly is CBD Oil and why is it so awesome?

rescue remedy for dogs vs honest paws cbd oil


What is CBD Oil for Dogs?


The diligent reader may have noticed “derived from the hemp plant” written in the previous section and drawn a few conclusions. However, we are pleased to debunk any notion that CBD oil gets Fido “high”. While, yes, the hemp plant is a member of the cannabis species of plant, it does not have the same psychoactive qualities it’s infamous cousin marijuana has. Tetrahydrocannabinol (aka “THC”), the element of marijuana that gives its user the feeling of “being high” makes up a mere .3% of CBD.  To reiterate, that is point three percent. Conversely, marijuana boasts 20% THC, thus providing the notorious “high”. Therefore, CBD oil is completely safe for canine use. That being said, let’s discuss the vast array of benefits dog’s can enjoy from CBD oil.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

In the case of our four-legged friends, benefits of CBD oil include:

  • Anxiety and stress relief
  • Preventing and easing epilepsy and seizures
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Calming pain (including difficult nerve-related pain)
  • Improving skin health and coat luster
  • Relieves seasonal and environmental allergies
  • Treating and curing cancer (yes, you read that correctly!)
  • Protects arteries and blood vessels
  • Promoting overall homeostasis in the body

Clearly, there is a reason (read: several, reasons) that CBD oil has become so popular. So where can you get this miracle cure-all? First of all, considering CBD oil is relatively new and “trendy”, brands are seemingly popping up daily claiming the boast the best products. However, be warned that not all CBD oil is created equally. We urge you to only use brands that are organic, all-natural, lab-tested, non-GMO and formulated specifically with dogs in mind. Honest Paws is our preferred brand because all of its products meet those requirements.

CBD Oil for Dogs > Rescue Remedy

Every dog is uniquely individual. With that individuality comes a completely different health needs. Simply put, while some dogs benefit greatly from the rescue remedy’s mild formula for anxiety relief, some dogs show no signs of improvement. CBD Oil, on the other hand, has proven time and time again that it is a power player in the world of homeopathic canine health. With virtually zero side-effects, CBD oil not only treats anxiety but prevents and treats a number of other ailments. Furthermore, your dog can enjoy a number of different CBD infused treats and products. Paired with a healthy, balanced diet, CBD oil can work wonders on improving your dogs overall well- being.

cbd oil for dogs

Rescue Remedy for Dogs: Final Thoughts 

Naturally, we all want our dogs to live the long, healthy lives they deserve. Sometimes, finding the perfect balance for your unique pup can take time. No matter what, always consult your vet before introducing anything new into your dog’s diet. Eventually, you will find the perfect balance that leaves you, and your fur baby smiling.


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