Discovering the Tarsus Çatalburun Dog Breed: A Comprehensive Guide

Dogs have been our loyal companions for thousands of years, and it’s always fascinating to learn about the different breeds that exist. One such breed is the Tarsus Çatalburun, a unique dog known for its distinctive physical features and working abilities. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the origins, characteristics, personality and temperament, health, and lifespan of the Tarsus Çatalburun dog breed.

The Origins of the Tarsus Çatalburun Dog Breed

The History of the Breed

The Tarsus Çatalburun is an ancient breed that originated in Turkey. It’s believed that this breed was developed by crossing pointers and mastiff-type dogs. The Tarsus Çatalburun is an excellent hunting dog that was used by the locals to hunt partridges and rabbits. However, the breed was almost extinct until a dedicated group of breeders revived it in the 1980s.

The Unique Geography of Tarsus

Tarsus is a city in the Mersin Province of Turkey located in the eastern Mediterranean region. This region is characterized by rugged terrain, dense forests, and extreme temperatures. The harsh conditions of the region favored the development of a rugged and robust breed like the Tarsus Çatalburun.

The Role of the Çatalburun in Turkish Culture

The Tarsus Çatalburun is an essential part of Turkish culture, and it’s often featured in paintings, sculptures, and literature. This breed is highly valued for its hunting abilities, and it’s still used by the locals for hunting and as a guard dog. The Tarsus Çatalburun also has a symbolic value in Turkish culture as a representation of strength, loyalty, and bravery.

The Tarsus Çatalburun is not only a skilled hunter, but it is also an excellent companion. This breed is known for its loyalty and devotion to its owners. They are friendly with children and make great family pets. Tarsus Çatalburun dogs are also highly intelligent and easy to train, making them a popular choice for police and military work.

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a medium to large-sized dog with a muscular build and a distinctive split nose. The breed’s unique nose is believed to enhance its sense of smell, making it an even better hunter. This breed has a short, dense coat that comes in a variety of colors, including black, white, brown, and brindle.

In addition to their hunting and guard dog abilities, the Tarsus Çatalburun has also been used for herding livestock. Their strong and agile bodies make them well-suited for this task, and their intelligence and trainability make them a valuable asset to farmers.

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a rare breed, with only a few hundred dogs in existence. However, their popularity is growing, and they are becoming more well-known outside of Turkey. The breed’s unique characteristics and history make it a fascinating subject for dog lovers and historians alike.

Physical Characteristics of the Tarsus Çatalburun

The Distinctive Double Nose

The most distinctive physical feature of the Tarsus Çatalburun is its double nose. This breed has a split nose with each nostril working independently, making it an excellent hunting dog with a heightened sense of smell. The double nose is caused by a genetic mutation, and it’s a desirable trait in the breed.

Not only does the double nose give the Tarsus Çatalburun an excellent sense of smell, but it also helps them to track scents more efficiently. With two nostrils working independently, they can pick up different scents from different directions, making them ideal for hunting in rugged terrain.

Size and Build

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a medium to a large-sized breed that weighs between 55-75 pounds and stands 20-26 inches tall. This breed has a muscular and athletic build with a broad chest and strong legs. The Tarsus Çatalburun has a powerful bite and is known for its excellent hunting abilities.

Their muscular build and strong legs make them agile and able to navigate through rough terrain with ease. Their broad chest gives them the endurance needed to keep up with their human hunting companions for long periods.

Coat and Color Variations

The Tarsus Çatalburun has a short and dense coat that comes in two colors: white with brown spots or solid brown. This breed sheds moderately and requires regular brushing to keep its coat healthy and shiny.

Their short coat makes them ideal for hunting in warmer climates as they don’t overheat easily. Their coat color also helps them blend into their surroundings, making them less visible to prey.

Overall, the Tarsus Çatalburun is a beautiful and unique breed with many desirable physical characteristics. From their double nose to their muscular build and short coat, they are truly a remarkable breed that is well suited for hunting and other outdoor activities.

Personality and Temperament Traits

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a unique breed that possesses a combination of personality and temperament traits that make it an excellent hunting and guard dog. This breed is known for its high energy level, strong hunting instincts, and loyalty towards its family.

The Çatalburun’s Hunting Instincts

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a natural-born hunter that has a strong drive to chase, retrieve, and hunt small game. This breed’s hunting instincts are deeply ingrained, and it requires regular exercise and mental stimulation to keep it happy and healthy. The Tarsus Çatalburun’s love for hunting makes it an ideal companion for experienced dog owners and families that can provide it with an active lifestyle.

When hunting, the Tarsus Çatalburun is known for its agility, speed, and sharp senses. This breed’s unique nose, with its split nostrils, allows it to track scents with exceptional accuracy. The Tarsus Çatalburun’s hunting skills are so impressive that it is often used by Turkish hunters to catch game such as rabbits, foxes, and birds.

Intelligence and Trainability

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a highly intelligent breed that is capable of learning quickly. However, this breed can be stubborn and independent, which can make training more challenging. The Tarsus Çatalburun responds well to positive reinforcement training techniques, such as treats, praise, and playtime, and needs early socialization to become a well-behaved and obedient dog.

Training the Tarsus Çatalburun requires patience, consistency, and a firm but gentle approach. This breed is sensitive to its owner’s tone of voice and responds best to positive reinforcement. The Tarsus Çatalburun’s intelligence and trainability make it an excellent candidate for obedience training, agility, and other dog sports.

Socialization and Family Life

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a loyal and protective breed that makes an excellent guard dog. This breed’s loyalty towards its family is unmatched, and it will do anything to protect them from harm. However, this protective instinct can sometimes lead to aggression towards strangers and other animals.

Early socialization is crucial for the Tarsus Çatalburun to prevent it from becoming overly aggressive or fearful. Socialization should begin at an early age and involve exposing the puppy to different people, animals, and environments. Proper socialization will help the Tarsus Çatalburun become a well-adjusted and well-behaved dog that can get along with other dogs and people.

The Tarsus Çatalburun is suitable for families with older children and can get along with other dogs if socialized from an early age. This breed’s protective nature makes it an excellent guard dog, but it also means that it needs plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to keep it happy and healthy.

Health and Lifespan of the Tarsus Çatalburun

Common Health Issues

The Tarsus Çatalburun is a generally healthy breed with no significant health concerns. However, this breed is prone to hip dysplasia, a common musculoskeletal condition that affects the hip joint. Regular exercise and a healthy diet can reduce the risk of hip dysplasia, and it’s essential to monitor your dog’s weight to prevent obesity.

Exercise and Diet Requirements

The Tarsus Çatalburun is an active breed that requires daily exercise and mental stimulation. This breed enjoys outdoor activities like hiking, jogging, and swimming. The Tarsus Çatalburun requires a high-quality diet that meets its nutritional needs and is free from fillers and artificial ingredients.

The Average Lifespan of the Breed

The Tarsus Çatalburun has an average lifespan of 11-13 years. Regular vet check-ups, a healthy diet, and preventative care can help your dog live a long and healthy life.


The Tarsus Çatalburun dog breed is a unique and fascinating breed that has a rich history and culture. This breed is distinguished by its distinctive double nose, hunting abilities, independent personality, and protective nature. The Tarsus Çatalburun makes an excellent companion for experienced dog owners who can provide it with an active lifestyle and early socialization. If you’re looking for a loyal, hardworking, and robust breed, the Tarsus Çatalburun might be the perfect dog for you.

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