Top 10 DIY Halloween Costumes For Dogs

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / October 24, 2017


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1) Glowing Skeleton

Grab some lead/dye free, non-toxic body paint (for pets) and go to town! (Cheezburger)

2) Lion

Grab a $10 Wolfman mask from Target and unstitch the hair from the latex mask with a knife or scissors. Use a basic sewing kit to attach the hair to an extra collar.

Next, attach velcro under the neck area. Lastly, attach an elastic band under the chin to keep the hair from sliding behind the ears. (Puppy in Training)

3) Teddy Bear

Grab a teddy bear with similar coloring and height to your pup. Cut the face off, the bottom of the feet off, and cut open the back. Remove all of the stuffing except for the arms.

Put your dog’s front legs in the legs of the bear and place string behind the neck to keep costume in place (LaughingSquid)

4) Ghost

Place a sheet over your pup’s head so it falls evenly around them. Mark where it hits the ground so you know where to cut (should be right above their feet so it doesn’t drag). Mark where your pup’s ears, eyes, nose, and neck are with a pen.

Take the sheet off and cut. Lastly, use a basic sewing kit to sew a neckband inside the fabric so it will stay in place. (PetsLady)

5) Vampire

Measure your dog’s neck and grab a cheap, red collared shirt with the same neck size. For a small dog with a 10 inch neck, you’ll need a red collared shirt sized 12-18 months.

Cut the collar off and then cut out a cape from the rest of the shirt. Use glue fabric to attach the cape to the collar. (SewDoggyStyle)

6) Beanie Baby

Cut out a heart from a piece of cardboard. Glue a TY template to the heart and puncture a hole (you can use a pencil) in the top left corner. Thread some lace through the hole to form a collar. (ChloeGraceX)

7) Hostess Cupcake

Grab some brown felt and cut so it covers your pup’s back and also goes around their neck. Trace the vanilla swirl on the back and use white fabric paint to fill in.

Use a basic sewing kit to sew velcro on the ends of the neck portion so it will stick together and stay in place. (SewDoggyStyle)

8) Bacon

Grab some red and pink felt. Cut the red felt so it will fit your dog (from head to tail). Then cut an opening for their head. Cut wavy edges so the red felt resembles bacon.

Then take your pink felt and cut two skinnier, wavy pieces for the bacon fat. Sew the pink pieces on the red felt and slip over your pup’s head. (Instructables)

9) Sushi

Decide how long you want your sushi roll to be (length of one of your dog’s shirts is a safe bet). Cut out a green rectangle of felt to the dimensions you wrote down. Next cut two shrimp-shaped pieces of felt from your orange felt and one shrimp from your white.

Place the white shrimp on the orange shrimp and sew the perimeter. Next, use an invisible marker to draw V’s on the orange side and then sew on the top lines your just drew. Use scissors to cut away the top, orange layer of the V’s. Now place on top of the second orange shrimp and sew perimeter, leaving a small opening to stuff.

Attach a small fleece to green felt and use a strip of black felt to attach the shrimp. (EatSleepMake)

10) Spider

Cut out an oval of felt to cover your dog’s back. Then cut out a larger oval of the fake fur fabric (5-6 inches wider). Cut the giant pipe cleaner wire into 4 legs and glue to the felt oval. Cut a strip of felt and glue on top of the spider legs  to keep them secure.

Next, glue the felt bottom to the hairy part of the fabric. Then, fold the edge of the fur fabric over and glue it to the outer edge of the oval.

Glue the fur to the perimeter of the oval. Leave an opening so we can add the stuffing. Finally, add the fluffy stuff and use the glue gun to seal up the gap in the body. Strap to your pup’s harness and you’re ready to go! (Tikkido)


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