Top 10 Pet Influencers of 2018

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / August 27, 2018

If you haven’t explored the world of pet blogging, you’re truly missing out!

These Top 10 Pet Influences are helping pet parents everywhere navigate the adorable (and sometimes RUFF) waters of being a pet parent and we are forever grateful! Here’s a rundown on the top influences who should be on your go-to list for all things dog related. 

My Rotten Dogs

top 10 pet influencers

My Rotten Dogs began as a place where it’s founder, Rebekah, could post photos and journal about her three lovably “rotten” dogs. From there, it emerged into a massive source of information regarding feeding a raw food diet. Rebekah has become such a known influencer because, at a certain point, pet parents realize that feeding their dog a raw food diet is easier said than done. Her site, My Rotten Dogs, illustrates exactly how she goes about feeding her dogs and answers just about every question you could imagine on the topic. My Rotten Dogs also serves as a wonderful platform for conversation. People like you and me can easily post on the site and receive quick responses from other users and even Rebekah herself. If you’re considering switching to a raw food diet, My Rotten Dogs should be your first stop.

Golden Woofs

top 10 pet influencers

Golden Woofs began in 2008 and has grown an impressive following in the last 10 years. As you may have guessed, the site was inspired by a Golden Retriever named Sugar. Golden Woofs has received quite a bit of press for it’s easy to follow recipes for tasty dog treats. One of our personal favorites is the Watermelon Blueberry Popsicles. The founder of the Golden Woofs also provides great videos for her famous, dog approved treats. Golden Woofs also serves as an incredibly informative blog. The blog allows pet parents can ask questions and communicate with one another on an educational platform. There are also a ton of great articles on everything from tips for traveling with your four-legged companion to articles on dog health and wellness. Finally, Golden Woofs has an adorable shop that is chock full of products that we can’t get enough of.

Oh, My Dog!

top 10 pet influencers

Oh My Dog! is a blog that is updated a couple of times every week delivering heartwarming tales of the founder’s pup, Cooper, as well as DIY projects, training tips, product reviews and more. From the site itself, its founder Maggie states that every post relates to the following core values:

  • compassion
  • service
  • authenticity
  • community
  • environmental responsibility

Furthermore, the site is an informative guideline for what is known as ‘The Zero-Waste Pet.’ For those who are unaware, the idea of living a zero-waste lifestyle means living in a way that keeps your trash from the landfill by means of consuming less. The Zero-Waste Pet initiate is a fascinating and forward-thinking movement that we could all afford to get behind. Check out Oh My God! for more information!  

Preston Speaks

top 10 pet influencers

Preston Speaks is an adorable blog that is told from the point of view of Preston himself. The blog is an informative tool for navigating all things dog. From important information regarding traveling with your dog to pet rescue news to product reviews, it’s no wonder why Preston Speaks has received so much attention. Not to mention, Preston is one of the cutest Westies we’ve ever seen. Check out Preston Speaks and follow along with Preston’s travels and find out what he really thinks about certain dog toys. While you’re on the site, check out the awesome ‘Giveaways’ section! Trust us, your furry companion will thank you for it!

Paws Report

top 10 pet influencers

Paws Report is a well-known blog that illustrates the chaos and cuteness of Titus, a gentle giant who was rescued on Christmas Day, 2017. Titus didn’t have the easiest starts to his life but seems to be efficiently making up for lost time. We love a blog that contains loads of photos and this is certainly one of them. Follow along with Titus and his family members (both furry and human) and see what they get into on a weekly basis.

We particularly love Paws Report because it truly showcases how important adoption is. Titus was first picked up as a stray, adopted, and then surrendered by his family after six years… a concept that most of our readers couldn’t imagine. Titus was seven years old when he was adopted by his forever family (the creators of the Paws Report blog) and has so much life to live and love to give.

Bark and Biscuits

top 10 pet influencers

When it comes to blogs, Bark and Biscuits really covers it all. The ‘pet care’ section has a slew of articles covering everything from must-have tools for camping with Fido to the easiest way to clean your dog’s teeth and everything in between. And trust us, the information doesn’t stop there. Bark and Biscuits also has a great DIY section with step-by-step tutorials for pet parents who like to cook for and get crafty with their four-legged friend. Speaking of cooking, the website has a whole section dedicated to recipes that are both dog and dog owner approved. Bark and Biscuits also has a tried and true reviews section of the blog. The best dog merchandise reviews obviously come from dog owners who have tested them out first hand. Bark and Biscuits provides just that. Finally, when you’re on the site, check out the pet photography section and try not to “Awwh.” The photography section includes great tools for capturing Fido’s best angle!

Hami in Miami

top 10 pet influencers

If you live in or are traveling to Miami, Hami in Miami is your go-to site for all things furry and tropical. However, that’s not all that Hami in Miami delivers. Hami is quite the traveler and documents his favorite hot spots in every destination. From paddleboarding in Lake Tahoe to sunbathing in Ibiza (you read that correctly), Hami certainly has more stamps in his passport than the average pup. The blog also covers Hami’s favorite products, tips and tricks for traveling, and the apparel and gear that he can’t live without. Regardless of whether a trip to Miami is in your future, check out Hami in Miami for an overload of cuteness and a slew of information.  

That Mutt

top 10 pet influencers

That Mutt  is another wonderful and informative blog that answers some of the most commonly asked questions when it comes to your beloved four-legged friend. There are specific articles on training your pup that cover everything from how to stop your dog from crying to attention to how to start your own dog walking business. There are also great tips and tricks for handling big life changes for Fido such as a bringing a new baby home or moving. That Mutt also has a ton of information on integrating a raw food diet into your dog’s life. Finally, the blog covers their thoughts on different medications and wellness information based on their first-hand experience. Check out That Mutt for all of those questions and concerns that you didn’t know who to ask for answers. 

Tales and Tails

top 10 pet influencers

Tales and Tails is a blog that follows the (mis)adventures of four hounds: two Greyhounds and two German Shephards. The pet parents of the four hounds provide humorous and loving tales of what a day in their life is actually like including all of life’s twists and unexpected turns. The blog is a great source of information as well as a nice reminder that no pet owner is alone.  it can be extremely heart wrenching to watch your four-legged companion getting older, having health issues, or just not feeling like their best selves. Tales and Tails is a wonderful way to connect and remember that we are all in this pet parent world together.

Something Wagging

top 10 pet influencers

Something Wagging is a blog that follows the day-to-day life of a Golden Retriever named Honey who lives aboard a sailboat with her two pet parents. Honey and her owners sail along the eastern coast of the United States and check out pet-friendly spots along the way. The blog is a great resource for all things you need to know for an adventure dog in training. Even if you don’t plan on hopping aboard a boat and sailing for months on end, Something Wagging provides a slew of information and countless tips to ensure that you and your pup can have a safe, fulfilling adventure together… wherever that adventure takes you.

Our Final Thoughts 

We likely don’t have to convince you that pet parents can be quite different than people who don’t have fur children. Pet parents go above and beyond for the happiness and well-being of their precious four-legged companion and we fully support it! The aforementioned blogs are adorable, that goes without saying. However, they are also incredibly informative. No one said being a pet parent was going to be easy. With the help and guidance from fellow pet owners, you don’t have to go at it alone. There’s a reason these 10 blogs rank so highly. Check them out! 

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