What Happens When Your Pets’ Health Gets Rough

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 23, 2019

In 2019, people are more aware of their dog’s health than ever before! With the help of pet lovers from all over the US, we’re releasing our first data-based article: What Happens When Your Pets’ Health Gets Rough.

We often invest a lot of time researching our overall health.  We carefully opt for health care plans, we look out for medications that could help us alleviate illnesses, and we keep tabs on their possible side effects. We try our best to stay active and subscribe to journals, blogs, and magazines that idealize a healthy lifestyle. We do all this with the hopes of extending our life. After all, we want to enjoy every step of the way and maximize our time with our loved ones. But, would we do the same for our beloved pet pups? As a matter of fact, 98% of pet owners will pretty much do anything for their dog’s health. From filling expensive prescriptions to using homeopathic alternatives, people will do just about anything for their four-legged friends. That’s just one of the findings from our latest report which shows just how much humans do to keep their pup’s life healthy—and surely their pups return the favor with a wag or two!

For this study, we focused on people strictly from the US, who own a pet dog. According to a case study done in 2017, in the US alone, there are an estimated 89 million dog owners. The vast majority of dog owners will drop major dough on their dog. In fact, 50% of participants would spend over $60 a month on their hounds! This gives us an idea of how much dog lovers are willing to spend to acquire the best commodities and life for their pet. With this in mind, the US is a perfect country to survey.

We surveyed 1,439 adults from all four regions of the US (West, Midwest, South, and Northeast). Our largest group was millennials, aged 25-34, which made up 27% of the participants. This was closely followed by the baby boomers, aged 55-64, making up a total of 26%. In summary, our findings detect that people do care about their pup’s health and they’re very willing to try new alternatives to assure their pup is receiving quality products ––or treatments–– that help boost their health.  So how much does a human parent really care for their furry child? We went on a search to find out!

People everywhere are trying their best to make sure their four-legged babies stay healthy. There’s no better way to know something’s wrong other than simple observation. Most dog owners have felt worried at one point or another when their pet is acting “off”. In fact, we found that people are acutely aware of their pup’s health, worrying as if it were a human child. Speaking of which, a whopping 93% consider their pup to be their child! There’s no denying why dogs are considered human’s best friend. There’s just so much love there NOT to care.

holistic wellness in dogs

So yes, we end up caring quite a bit about our pups. Which means, we worry a lot when it comes to their health! So what happens when things go wrong? Like humans, dogs are susceptible to a wide variety of diseases. From allergies and chronic diseases to infections, and anxiety, they experience it all. In fact, over ¾ of the participants believe that taking a day off for their pup’s mental health is important. Those same people – 98% of people surveyed – consider the mental health of their dogs important as well. This supports the fact that 66% of people have taken the day off from school or work to spend time with their canine.

holistic wellness in dogs

When dog people aren’t gazing at their pooches, they’re finding other ways to show their unconditional love. It’s no surprise that we have seen multiple large brands rapidly expand to the pet market. People will stop at nothing to make their pet happy, even if that means a shopping spree for their furball! Even more, dog owners would spend an average of $60 to $100 per month to keep their fur-baby happy and healthy. Now, with each big expense comes some planning. So when it comes to a pup’s needs, more than half the people surveyed planned their budget around their dogs. People will spend money to increase the stability or promote the health of their pups. As a matter of fact, there was a rise in expenses for dog items, including food and paraphernalia in the last two years.

holistic wellness in dogs

Other than spending on our pets’ favorite treats and commodities, doggie lovers go even further when it comes to their pups. We all know that the best way to monitor our health and our pups’ is to visit a specialist. When things get out of control and the Internet doesn’t give us the information we need to help our dogs out, it’s time to take vet action! The vast majority believe that yearly check-ups are important.

In the last year, 94% of participants visited the vet with their fur-babies while 97% of participants assured that accessing a vet is easy in their city. Now, getting to the vet is one thing but paying for it is another story. Although it is important to go to check-up appointments at least twice a year, many people restrict themselves because of how pricey it gets. Not to mention, the price of the medication that the vet will surely recommend.

When it comes to dog training, pet owners are on board! 94% believe training their dog can benefit their health. Training is an essential part of any dog’s development and is important for several reasons. It provides mental stimulation, which helps keep your dog happy. Just add a little daily exercise and your pup will be physically and mentally stimulated, which will support his overall health. 

holistic wellness in dogs

So what do we make of all of this? We found out that many of our participants do prioritize on their pets, and would invest time and money to make sure their pets live a healthy life. This is good news! Also, this gives us a better perspective on the behavior of dog owners in 2019. Keep in mind, the choice you make today will affect your pet for years to come. Your pet depends on you to keep them safe, healthy, and happy! So let’s keep an eye out, try new products, different alternative treatments, go for long walks, or at least a play day in the park. You too might just benefit from taking care of your pup while on a route to a paw-positively healthier life!

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