When To Recommend CBD To Your Customers

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 22, 2019

As with most, if not all pet wellness-related trends, there is a lot of info floating around online regarding CBD for pets. But not all of this info is accurate. So, it’s up to you, as a pet store owner to sieve through the information. You need to know and understand all facts relating to how CBD can help your customer’s pets.

Lucky for you, we’ve decided to make the learning process easier and faster! Today, we’ll look at the best times to recommend CBD products to your customers.

Thanks to CBD’s astounding medicinal properties – including healing a wide array of ailments – CBD has become an increasingly famous form of natural medicine for both humans and pets all around the world.

Better yet, extensive clinical trials and research have further demonstrated the therapeutic properties of the substance.

In fact, NAS (the National Academy of Sciences) recently reviewed more than 10,000 research abstracts. As a result, they came across convincing evidence that Cannabidiol is effective for managing a wide variety of ailments in our favorite four-legged friends.

So, how do you answer your customers when they ask you how CBD works on animals?

Well, here is a straightforward explanation.

We all have an ECS (Endocannabinoid System). The ECS is key when it comes to regulating the function of brain, endocrine, and immune tissues. This system also boasts two different types of receptors; CB1 and CB2.

CB2 is the one that works with cannabinoids, such as CBD. You’ll find these receptors mostly in our immune systems. When your customer’s furry counterparts consume CBD regularly, their ECS improves. This further aids in a wide range of benefits we’ll look at shortly.

Having said all that, a portion of individuals around the world remain skeptical about the effects that CBD oil can have on our pets. And this skepticism is mainly due to the renowned misconception that the substance will get your pet high.

Your first role as a pet store owner will be to convince such customers that CBD is safe for their pets. For starters, point out it’s impossible for a pet to get high on Honest Paws CBD oil since it is produced from hemp, and not marijuana. For a very long time, hemp was unfairly treated the same way as its psychoactive relative, marijuana.

But unlike marijuana, hemp is now legal nationwide. This is also why hempseed products are widely available today.

So, due to the low THC available in hemp (below .3% to pass inspection), your customers won’t need to worry about their pets getting high.

Without further delay, let us look at instances you should recommend CBD to your clients

When the Pet is Experiencing Anxiety

Pet stress and anxiety, such as PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder) are common issues among pets. However, just like with epilepsy in pets, most pet owners are not exactly sure how they can help their friends.

According to a report released by American Kennel Club, they estimated separation anxiety to affect approximately 14% of pets, particularly dogs.

Dogs experiencing separation nervousness are not able to find comfort once their owners leave them alone. This also applies when someone separates a pet from its family members.

Usually, this anxiety presents itself as annoying behavior, such as defecating or urinating in the house. Other signs include constantly barking and destroying furnishings or furniture.

All this is bad news for your customers, especially those who work away from home all day and have to leave their four-legged friends at home alone.

Good news! Recently, the use of CBD to treat such issues has become highly recommended. This is possibly due to multiple scientific advancements in the hemp industry: including the removal of THC from hemp CBD oil.

Basically, CBD makes it easier for the animal’s body to relieve tension, anxiety, and calm down since the ECS receptors can now communicate.

For better results, advise your clients to incorporate CBD oil into their pet’s diets.

If Pet Has Trouble Eating

We cannot classify all dogs as full-blown chowhounds, but we can all agree on one thing; dogs love to eat. It’s not uncommon for dogs to use their irresistible puppy eyes to beg us for the last bite of our sandwich. In addition, even though some may be picky about their food selection, mealtime is generally always the best part of their day.

With that in mind, a pet that suddenly stops eating can be frustrating (and also a tell-tale sign of something wrong). The longer they don’t eat, the more nutrients and calories they miss out on, which could further result in reduced immunity against diseases and infections.

When a customer comes into your store with such a problem, assure them CBD products can help increase the pet’s appetite and prevent nausea.

Scientists have proved the ECS plays a role in regulating an animal’s feeding habits. When the appetite decreases (regardless of the underlying reason,) your customer can use CBD oil to jumpstart the pet’s ECS. This, in turn, stimulates the appetite.

In addition to that, CBD oil also get rid of nausea; which can prevent your customer’s pets from eating.

Having said that, ensure you educate your customer on a recommended dosing. Also ask your clients to continue monitoring the animal’s behavior for possible side effects, however mild.

Cardiovascular Health in Pets

We have to thank our pet’s cardiovascular system for their blood levels, beating hearts, and the flow of blood that transports nutrients and oxygen. On top of that, our pets’ cardiovascular systems help control their body temperatures while protecting them from infections.

This means that keeping your best friend’s cardiovascular system working in tip-top shape should a priority.

According to research, scientists have linked CBD to multiple health benefits, including:

  • Reducing irregular heart rates & damage from impaired blood vessels
  • Reducing blood pressure & heart rates associated with anxiety
  • Can dilate the arteries & protect blood vessels from damages

Inflammatory Bowel Disease in Pets

Upset stomach. Bellyache. Tummy troubles. Feeling under the weather.

There are many phrases to describe Inflammatory Bowel Disease, but the bottom line is, the pet in question is in pain. As we both know, watching your own pet suffer is quite infuriating. Worst yet, diagnosing Inflammatory Bowel Disease is confusing and difficult.

But over the last couple of years, one of the best and safest treatment options available is CBD for cats and dogs. Due to CBD’s anti-inflammatory abilities, it works with the ECS to restore the body’s homeostasis.

Better yet, unlike most Inflammatory Bowel Disease medications, CBD doesn’t need a prescription. Neither will it need stressful, costly, and extensive visits to the veterinarian for refills.

That said, CBD probably won’t heal the pet completely if the underlying cause is still a problem. So, advise your client to see if an allergy is causing the issue.

They can start by fasting the pet and reintroducing the usual meals one by one until they pinpoint the main cause of inflammation.

Joint Pain in Pets

Limping. Trouble standing. Fatigue.

All these are signs your pet is experiencing joint pain. Furthermore, there is a misconception that joint pain is only prevalent in old pets. That is not true. In fact, pets of all ages can suffer from the effects of this chronic condition. Over time, this condition will also lower a pet’s overall quality of life.

In the past, typical pain relief methods included steroid injections, surgery, and regular pain medications. However, there is a new player in town and it is worth considering.

CBD oil products are gaining popularity as safe and efficient alternative medications for joint pains.

Better yet, unlike other pain relieving treatments such as NSAIDs, CBD oil does not leave your pet ridden with negative side effects.

Seizures & Epilepsy

Seizures and epilepsy are distressing conditions, both for the pet in question and his/her owner. But as of 2019, there is a new, super easy way to manage your pet’s epilepsy and reduce the frequency of the seizures.

News of CBD oil’s anticonvulsant properties first came out back in 2013 when a young girl from Colorado used CBD to control her seizures. Charlotte Figi, born in 2006, has Dravet Syndrome. This is a rare type of epilepsy that made the girl experience up to 400 seizures per week.

In 2013, Charlotte’s parents learned that a specific CBD rich extract was the only substance able to reduce their child’s seizures. Needless to say, the product further improved Charlotte’s health.

Since then, CBD has been highly regarded for its impressive anticonvulsant properties. In fact, the American Epilepsy Society officially confirmed at the beginning of this year that CBD can help reduce epileptic seizures among humans and pets.

According to the research, CBD helped minimize both severity and frequency of seizures; sometimes by up to 45%. Impressive, right?

To top it off, unlike most anticonvulsants available for pets, CBD has no serious side effect on pets. The more reason your customers should award it a try.

Where to Find High-Quality CBD for Pets?

As a pet store owner, it’s essential to research the origin of any product you sell to your customers. Make sure you acquire your products from reputable suppliers, such as Honest Paws. The last thing you want is to blow away your hard earned cash and clients due to inferior products.

Honest Paws takes all its products through a series of tests to ensure they’re high quality and safe for pet’s consumption. Check out our products collection, and let us know what you think.

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