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Chelsea Rivera is a Dedicated Pet Parent who loves to create amazing content for pet owners and is helping change pet wellness as the Head of Content for Honestpaws.com.


Honest Paws Retail Success Interview

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / May 20, 2019

1. How did you decide to carry CBD? SPS: We decided to carry CBD after quite a few customers inquired about it a year ago. I have used and sold CBD in the past at a former business. However, when we opened this store (in a more rural town), we were not sure how receptive people […]


Hemp Oil: Everything You Need to Know

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / May 8, 2019

An all-natural, holistic approach to living is becoming more and more popular by the day. More than ever, people are striving to achieve healthy, well-rounded lifestyles. Furthermore, people are taking it one step further and embracing a healthier approach to the wellness of their furry friends. There are dog massage therapists, canine raw food diets, […]


What Happens When Your Pets’ Health Gets Rough

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 23, 2019

In 2019, people are more aware of their dog’s health than ever before! With the help of pet lovers from all over the US, we’re releasing our first data-based article: What Happens When Your Pets’ Health Gets Rough. We often invest a lot of time researching our overall health.  We carefully opt for health care plans, […]


When To Recommend CBD To Your Customers

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 22, 2019

As with most, if not all pet wellness-related trends, there is a lot of info floating around online regarding CBD for pets. But not all of this info is accurate. So, it’s up to you, as a pet store owner to sieve through the information. You need to know and understand all facts relating to […]


Probióticos Para Perros: La Verdad Sobre La Salud Digestiva

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 18, 2019

Tu perro representa el mundo para ti, así que tiene sentido que hagas todo lo posible por mantenerlo feliz y sano. Sin embargo, lo que puede que no estés tomando en cuenta es la importancia de los intestinos de tu perro. Una mala salud digestiva es el primer plano de muchas condiciones. Afortunadamente, la mayoría […]


Tumores De Mastocitos: Síntomas, diagnóstico y más

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 18, 2019

Encontrar irregularidades o un bulto en la piel de tu perfecto amigo peludo puede ser bastante preocupante para cualquier dueño de perro. Es difícil controlar nuestras mentes para no pensar automáticamente lo peor. Sin embargo, si saltaste a Google y buscaste “bultos en perros”, probablemente estás corriendo en círculos de pánico. Esto va a sonar […]


Diarrea en Perros: Causas, Tratamientos, y Consejos

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 18, 2019

Nadie dijo que ser dueño de un perro sería fácil. De hecho, puede resultar bastante difícil en algunos momentos, particularmente cuando Fido no se siente bien. Por más que nos encantaría que nuestros perros nos hablaran, sencillamente no es el caso. Por esta razón, es imperativo que los dueños de mascotas estén muy alertas ante […]


The Rise of Homeopathic Treatments for Dogs

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 9, 2019

Ever heard of veganism or the gluten-free diet? How about homeopathic treatments like CBD oil? Chances are, you have read about them scrolling through social media or heard of them in the news. Products like these are constantly being reviewed in journals and blogs with the idea of creating favorable approaches to different markets. These […]


Global Pet Expo: Your 2019 Recap

By Chelsea Hunt-Rivera / April 8, 2019

Each year, representatives from 1000+ companies attend the Global Pet Expo Trade Show held in Orlando, Florida. This is a great opportunity for companies to showcase their latest and greatest products for pets. In 2018, for instance, Global Pet Expo displayed 270 1st time exhibiting companies, more than 3,000 product launches, and 16 football fields’ […]

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