Our Story

It begins with the love of a dog…

The simple wag of a dog’s tail can convey so much: loyalty, companionship, and above all things: love. And there’s truly nothing like the unconditional love of a dog.

Dog lovers around the world can agree…

That a dog’s love brings us joy, comfort, energy, and laughter every single day. So when our four-legged friends are hurting or ill, it’s no surprise that any loving pet parent would do just about anything to put that simple wag back into their dog’s tail.

And that’s how Simple Wag, the company, was born.

We’re dog lovers just like you, who love our four-legged friends like family. It’s because of this love we have for our dogs, and because of the love they give us in return, that we decided to dedicate ourselves to producing only the highest quality of wellness products for dogs.

The Simple Wag difference

We’re kind of disrupting the Dog CBD space

Our mission is to go above and beyond in order to put the wag back in your dog’s tail. This means committing ourselves to producing world-class quality across all of our wellness products.  At Simple Wag, those products come to life in our premium CBD Oils for Dogs.

We’re beyond proud that Simple Wag CBD Oils are among the finest oils on the market today: non-GMO, Xylitol-free, and completely organic.

Our oils are also 100% pure hemp—not diluted extracts like what others in the space sell, which are all bark and no bite. With Simple Wag CBD, you get all the health benefits of a powerful, full spectrum hemp product, meaning a happier and healthier dog at your side. And here’s the best part: loving pet parents like you get all the value and quality of a premium brand…at a budget-friendly price!

Call us crazy, but we just don’t believe CBD should be priced at a level that only the upper echelon can afford.  Dogs are family, and products like hemp and CBD, which can make an incredible difference in a dog’s quality of life, should be accessible to all, regardless of your budget.

That’s why our premium grade hemp oils are, in many cases, priced more than 60% cheaper than some of the leading competitors in the space.  And that’s without us compromising on top-of-the-line, all-natural, organic ingredients that truly make Simple Wag Hemp high-grade and top-quality!

Here’s how we’re able to do it

1. Eco-friendly packaging

We reduce our environmental footprint by only printing in black and white. This planet-friendly practice means less consumption of ink and less cartridges ending up in landfills.

It also means less money coming out of your pocket. Color packaging may be pretty, but it costs money, and it doesn’t improve your dog’s health. We’d rather invest those resources into ensuring only the highest quality of ingredients for our hemp oils.

2. Remote team

Our dog-loving team is 100% remote. We feel work-life balance is essential to happier team members and fully support the remote work movement.

This unique setup also means we’re not throwing money away on office parties, electric bills, or computer equipment. Instead, we’re able to redirect that money into a five-star product that has all the bells and whistles of a high-end brand…without the high-end cost!

3. Laser focus

Many of our competitors spread themselves thin across multiple product lines and verticals in an effort to see higher returns on their investment.

The problem is that with more products comes more chances for quality oversights. It also costs significant amounts of money to maintain multiple fulfillment centers and robust websites that read more like catalogues.

Here at Simple Wag, our philosophy is different. We focus on one single product line (CBD oils), and this allows us to expend our resources on where it truly matters: on developing the best possible CBD oil for dogs, so that your four-legged friend is as happy and as healthy as can be.

Your dog deserves the best

And we’re dedicated to supporting their health and happiness

It’s no secret how much we love dogs. Here at Simple Wag, we’re all pet parents, and we’ve seen the benefits of CBD for dogs firsthand with our own pets.

We know how much hemp products can make a difference in a dog’s life, which is why we’re so passionate about making CBD accessible to all pet parents, regardless of their budget.

After all, we know your dog isn’t ‘just a pet’—they’re a much-loved member of your family.

So as a member of your family, they deserve only the best when it comes to high-quality, premium grade holistic wellness products.

And that’s exactly what drives us.

Our mission is to remove the barriers to world-class hemp…for you, your four-legged friend, and their ultimate wellbeing…

…all for the simple wag of a dog’s tail!


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