Pet Friendly Ice Melt: Keep Your Pups Paw Safe!

By Clearvoice / September 24, 2018
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Pet-friendly Ice Melt! There is no doubt that you’ve seen these “ice melts” in your local pet store during the winter months. But, have you asked yourself what exactly is a pet-friendly ice melt?

And do I actually need a pet-friendly ice melt if I have a dog? or a cat? Well, if you’ve been asking yourself these questions lately, then you’ve come to the right place! In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about pet-friendly ice melts!

What is Pet-Friendly Ice Melt?

During the harsh winter months, most driveways, roads, and walkways will be frozen over. So, it’s not uncommon for people to sprinkle an ice melter onto these frozen paths.

But, what is an ice melter and what does it do? Well, most commercial ice melt products are a combination of calcium chloride, sodium chloride, calcium magnesium acetate, potassium chloride, and other harsh chemicals.

These de-icing products are actually not really environmentally friendly and are not considered safe for pets.
A pet-friendly ice melt is a safe ice melter that’s designed to be safe around pets. A pet-friendly ice melter is a lot different from regular ice melts.

This is because pet safe melters are composed of a crystalline amide, glycol mixture, magnesium chloride, and are often 100% free from salt. Some dog safe ice melts like Morton Safe-T-Pet may take things further by even eliminating chlorides from their products.

How to Keep Your Pet’s Paws Safe!

  1. Get Vet’s Preferred Advanced Paw Protection: This product is designed to protect your pet’s paw from heat and cold burns. Advanced Paw Protection will prevent your pets paw pads from cracking or ulcerating during harsh weather conditions. Plus! as an added bonus, this special balm can be used to heal and repair cracks on the nose too!
  2.  Wash your dog’s feet after a walk! After a walk, always wash your dog’s feet before entering the house. This will help take out any excess salt and harsh ice melts that may be stuck in-between their pads.
  3. Get winter booties: Even dogs can get winter boots! So, head to your local pet store and buy some pet winter boots to protect their paws from those harsh ice melts.

The Symptoms from Bad Ice Melt for Dogs!

Ice melt toxicity is a common problem seen in both dogs and cats. This form of toxicity may occur when a pet ingests small amounts of commercial ice melts that contain harsh chemicals, potassium, sodium, and chloride. Pets that consume unsafe ice melts may experience clinical signs of toxicity such as:

  • Seizures and convulsions
  • Tremors
  • Ataxia
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Dehydration
  • Polydypsia
  • Salivation

In more severe cases, where an animal has consumed possibly 4g/kg of salt melts, then this can lead to death. Apart from causing severe central nervous system dysfunction. Dogs and cats who walk overtop of unsafe ice melt salt may develop:

  • Skin irritation
  • Paw pad ulceration
  • Torn paw pads
  • Salt burns

Remember, if your dog does not consume the ice melt directly from the pavement, then this does not mean that the risk of toxicity is reduced. Our pets walk in an out of our house barefoot, and once at home, pets will naturally clean themselves by licking their paws.

Therefore, it is often inevitable for dogs and cats to consume small amounts of ice melts. Gradually, over time, this can pose to be quite dangerous for them.

Is Salt Bad for Dogs?

Salt (Sodium Chloride) is naturally found in any animals body, because at a cellular level, sodium, and chloride are vital to an array of cellular function. However, the ingestion of salt can lead to salt toxicity in dogs. And, so salt should never be added to a dog’s food.

Now in a regular ice melting product, you are bound to see 5 key ingredients! These are urea, calcium salts ( calcium magnesium acetate, calcium carbonate, and calcium chloride), Magnesium chloride, Potassium chloride, and sodium chloride.

Each of these ingredients can cause severe toxicity in dogs. For example, urea-based ice and snow melters can cause methemoglobinemia, tremors, and gastrointestinal upsets in dogs. While ice and snow melters containing potassium chloride can cause vomiting and diarrhea in dogs.

Accidental ingestion of magnesium chloride can result in gastrointestinal problems as well as vomiting in dogs. And finally, if a dog were to consume large amounts of sodium chloride, then as little as 4g/kg can result in severe convulsions, dehydration, ataxia, and death in dogs.

hurt paw from no dog ice melt

Is Ice Bad for Dogs?

If your dog were to ingest snow then it is not really a safety hazard. Similarly, if your dog were to ingest ice, then that is not a safety hazard—you can never choke on ice! it will melt!

Ice, however, can only be dangerous when it freezes over on walkways and driveways. This is when ice becomes a safety hazard as people and pets can slip and hurt themselves.

Pet-safe products are designed to be safe to use around pets. These products will be free from harsh chemicals and toxins that can cause toxicity and irritation in dogs and cats. Many products labeled “pet-safe” will often be backed up by plenty of research and veterinarians.

Safe Paw Ice Melter—What Is A Safe Paw Ice Melt?

Apart from causing severe central nervous system problems when ingested, salt-based ice melters can damage the pad on your pet’s paws.

This is because the harsh salt and chemicals present in commercial ice melters can be quite corrosive to the epidermal layer of the skin. These salts often tend to cause irritation, rashes, and a burning sensation to the paw pads of an animal as they bring out, and dehydrate the skin.

A safe paw ice melt will not contain these harsh chemicals and as a result, will not damage your pets paw pad. One such product, called Safe Paw Ice Melt, actually works by absorbing the heat from the sun gradually, to create a protective layer overtop of pathways and driveways. These Safe Paw Ice Melts are free from corrosive salts and will not cause salt burns to your pet’s feet.

Pet Safe Ice Melts to the Rescue! Which Ones to Buy!

Today, veterinarians have recognized that commercial ice melts can be quite a big problem for pets during winter. So, companies are now slowly moving towards creating a pet-friendly melt for owners wanting to keep their animals safe.

dog licking ice melt

Many of these products, titled “pet-friendly ice melt” will be specially formulated. They will often not contain any harsh chemicals and salts that can be quite corrosive to the skin. These pet-friendly ice melts can be found anywhere including:

  • Your local pet stores like PetSmart and Pet Valu
  • HomeDepot
  • Lowes
  • Walmart, and
  • Most home hardware stores!

The Best Ice Melt For Pets!

If you’re looking for a pet-friendly ice melt, then you’ve got to check Safe Paw Ice Melter, Redmond Ice Slicer, and Paw Thaw Ice Melt out!

Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter Pet Safe

Safe Paw Non-Toxic Ice Melter is a product that can be found on both Amazon and in your local pet stores. This pet-friendly ice melt is free from chloride and salt, making it quite safe to use around pets.

In addition, it has received the Parent Tested Parent Approved Green Seal (PTPA) which essentially means that it is also safe to use around children.

Another big pro about this product is that you have to only apply every 3 days!

Redmond Ice Slicer – Ice Melt Salt, Kid & Pet Safe Deicer, All-Natural Granular Slicer

Redmond Ice Slicer is another top-notch pet-friendly ice melt, that has become a favorite amongst many Americans.

This ice melt is not only free from corrosive chemicals, but it is also very concentrated and fast acting. This means that you’re going to get a bang for your buck! As you’ll be using much less of this ice melt compared to other commercial ice melt products.

DIY Pet Safe Ice melt Homemade Recipes!

If you are interested in trying some DIY projects, then you could give homemade pet safe ice melt recipes a try! Now there are many recipes available online, but some can be quite misleading. So, here we have given you a paw safe ice melts you could try out at home!

pet friendly ice melt for dogs


Mix a few drops of Dawn dish soap with 2 ounces of rubbing alcohol and half a gallon of water. Once you mix these 3 ingredients together, you should an ice melter that can work just as well as any store bought ice melt.


A pet-friendly ice melt is without a doubt, an absolute essential every pet owner must get during winter! Regular commercial ice melts are often riddled with chemicals, urea, and corrosive toxins that can not only cause your pet harm but can also kill them.

Pet-friendly ice melts are designed to not only protect your pooch, but to also protect your children, and the environment. So, when the next winter comes around, make sure you pick up a pet-friendly ice melt.

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